Sunday, September 14, 2008

Born To Win

When you do not know where you are heading
Simply keep treading

The path may not be clear
but your destination might be near

Do not fear
because God is here

The journey might be tough, but keep walking
Close your eyes open your ears when HE is talking

Follow HIS advice
because HE is so very wise

All your worries you got to share
HE is someone who HAS time to care

Do not criticize HIM for his silence
instead thank HIM for his presence

The world may think you are not right
With all your might, stand up and fight

To think you are a loser is a sin
When actually you are born to win


Gayatri Samant said...

Wonderful thoughts and it's very well written.... Keep up the good work ......

Vijit said...

hey that was nice of you.

I thought it was a bit childish.

Thanks for the compliment!

Sangitha said...

So the writer has turned into a poet ha??? hehe ;) Its really nice vijit...!!! Superb... Waiting to read more such poems from u...

Vijit said...

Trying to be a poet.

With friends like you to support and appreciate, I might end up being one........You never know............he he he

Ananya said...

I do write poetry myself, and it is generally based on some or the other inspiration! Would like to know the way these are brilliantly written...continue writing its the best way to relive stress!

Vijit said...

I got introduced to blogging through an orkut friend of mine. Her name is Harshu. I found blog as a good way to express my thoughts. Slowly visitors to my blog started appreciating my articles and it motivated me to take it seriously.

Another friend of mine in orkut is good at writing poems. Her poems inspired me to try my luck with poetry. So, I wrote those two poems. Also life teaches and inspires you a lot if you are willing to observe, listen and reflect upon it.

One of the blog post was just written based on a comment (follow your heart) by Sangitha when I asked her to suggest a topic for a blog post. So, you never know where your next inspiration would come from.