Friday, December 11, 2009

This one is for a social cause

Sunjit Saluja, a friend of mine who was my colleague, happened to connect with me on chat today. He gave me the following link and requested to vote for his idea:

Please check out the link and if you think it is worth voting for his idea, please go ahead and vote. Also, share it with your family and friends. This is for a noble cause and hence I feel we should do everything possible to support it.
Sunjit has taken this noble initiative because fewer than 1 percent of the approximately 70 million disabled persons in India are employed, which leads to economic disadvantage, denies rights and limits opportunities for the disabled to play constructive roles in their communities. He is part of an organization that focuses on making a positive difference to the disabled section of our society by taking care of training and placement for them. We Indians have yet to learn to be sensitive towards the disabled section of our community. They too have a right to live a dignified life and not be dependent on anyone. If we could help them get a job that helps them earn a living they will definitely feel motivated. Such motivated souls will surely make a positive contribution towards the society at large.

Sunjit’s organization desires to reach out to individuals and corporations for aiding their noble cause. I am sure one click on the “vote now” button at the above link will make a huge difference in aiding Sunjit achieve his plans.

I have already voted and have requested my friends to do so. I would request visitors of my blog to be generous enough to vote for my friend. Of course, you need to vote only if you are convinced with the idea. If you need more information before deciding on your vote, then please post a comment with questions you may have and I will make sure that they get answered.

Let us collectively work towards bringing about a positive change in the society.