Sunday, October 12, 2008

A thought provoking sms

Today I received a sms. You may ask, "What a big deal? We receive so many sms day in and day out." Right, I also receive so many sms and I forward many too. This one was sent to me by a friend and the moment I read it, I started to think about it at a deeper level. Before I proceed any further with my thoughts, let me quote that message over here.

I quote:

“When people walk away from you, let them go.
Your destiny is never tied to anybody who leaves you and it doesn’t mean that they are bad.
It means that their part in the story is over”

A simple yet thought provoking sms, isn’t it? I did forward it to my friends. One of my friends replied back and appreciated the message but also asked me a question which I quote below:

“But what about the pain and tears they leave behind. Why does destiny make us meet such people when in the end they walk away from us?”

A valid question, isn’t it? Does anyone have an answer? I didn’t and so replied to this friend stating the following:

“I wish I had the answer”

Both the original message and the reply I got from the friend whom I had forwarded it to, made me sit and ponder. I was contemplating about them when my cell phone beeped again indicating another incoming message. It was a reply to my sms and one that was even more hard-hitting. I am quoting it below:

“No one has the answer.
Nice messages give us the feel good feeling but when we face the grim realities of life we are left with questions which seldom have answers.”

This was the reply that I gave to the message above:

“Maybe certain questions need not be answered".

I sent this message because I just didn’t have an answer. I agree with my friend’s reply that the grim realities of life leave so many unanswered questions. Every person who steps in and steps out of your life leaves so many questions which seldom get answered. Why was he/she in my life for a brief moment? Why can’t good people be with you forever? This made me go back to the first message and find a one word answer to all these questions. How about a wild guess about what that word could be? Come on my friend, give it a shot. You are right, that word is:


I also feel like quoting a famous dialogue from the movie Anand which kind of sums it all up. Here it is:

“zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath hai jahapana. Use na to aap badal sakte hai na main. Hum sab to rangmanch ki katputliya hai jinki dor uparwale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai. Kab kaun kaise uthega, ye koi nahi bata sakta.”

It is a dialogue in the climax scene from a very old Hindi classic movie. I will just explain what it means in English.

Life and death are in the hands of God. Neither you nor I could change it. We all are puppets on the stage whose strings are tied to the fingers of God. When, who, how someone would be pulled up can never be predicted by anyone.

Though, the message in the dialogue refers to a very harsh reality surrounding the uncertainty of life and death; I could find the answer to many of my friends questions in it. No one has any control on who comes and stays in his or her life. You may try to do that. However, the fact is that no individual can control this aspect of his/her life. The best a person can do is to enjoy the moment and hope that it will continue for long bearing it in the back of the mind that actually it may not.


bhumi said...
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bhumi said...

Finally!!!!!!!! I visited ur blog....... I must say u write very well......I loved ur poem..."wht is my aim?"......Really good.......keep writing

Vijit said...

Thanks R_ _A!

Sangitha said...

'Dnt worry abt ppl in the past.. therz a reason why they didnt make it to ur future...'

I wish if i cud find out the reason viju..

Vijit said...

I would like to address your quest for the reason using a quote

"The biggest thing to understand is that it's unnecessary to understand everything."


Ananya said...

Vijit, I may not have the answer to the deep grim realities in life but there is a theory that might sound crazy, but hear me out..
people come into ur life for either a reason,season or lifetime..

Reason - For some particular reason we meet someone, connect and then when that reason is over, you part. They do not do anything to u emotionally

Season - could be 3 hrs 3 months 3 days or three years. Remember a season is anything shorter than a lifetime. These relationships are good but not perfect. U share a part of your life.Its like a chapter in the book.Depends on the story, plot, how many pages it takes to develop the chapter.

Lifetime - Someone who is there no matter how long its been since you talked to or saw them. Someone you can call at 3am and ask for help or just a shoulder to cry on. Someone you trust, who loves you for you, with who, silence is also ok.I hope u have people like these.

so the best thing in life would be to not categorize anything as good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad as long as they helped u learn anything.

whew this was long......

Vijit said...

Thanks Ananya!

When your heart speaks your hand can't stop writing. I am grateful to you for the long comment.

I have the experience of all 3 types of people. I know the lifetime part is too early to comment. But at least I am sure that I have two or three people who will definitely stand by me through my lifetime no matter what the situation.

It hurts when people change their attitude towards you with time and that too without any justified reason.

I think your parents and God are the only ones whom you can always bank on. If you are lucky enough then your life partner too. Also, if you are immensely lucky then you will find friend(s) who will stand by you in any and every situation.

I know the reason why your comment on this particular post was long.

Ananya said...

one of the reasons y we r unhappy at times is we expect evrything to turn into a lifetime..we dont give time,time :)

Vijit said...

Yes, I agree with you Ananya on that. Patience is the key. Relationships should not be like fast food otherwise the end result will be the same. High on taste but lack nutrition and also cause health hazards.


Thomsy kori said...

It was awesome clarification on single word friendship. I lykd it.i got lot of ans.