Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wish I could be a kid again

 Being an adult what did I gain?
I wish I could be a kid again

As a grownup I am part of a rat race
As a kid, butterflies I could chase

Today life is a nightmare
As a child, I had nothing to care

Now I have so many worries to heed
Then a bar of chocolate could fulfill my need

Monday, October 21, 2013


Today I attended a reunion party with school friends from 1996 batch. It was great fun to meet everyone, most of whom I met after 17 long years. Almost everyone of them has undergone drastic changes. Though the opinion for me was that I haven't changed much.

I do not remember when was the last time that I had laughed my heart out.  Each one of us was recollecting some incident or the other and laughing like anything. One thing I observed was that no matter how negatively we had felt about an event during our school days, from today's perspective it didn't matter at all. Infact, we were considering it as a joke. Time is the best healer. I also recollected how obsessed we were to score good marks in the exams. However, those marks did not have much impact in what most of us has achieved in life. I am not denying the fact that we have acquired knowledge from school which has helped us.

After the meeting we visited our school too. Everyone of us was surprised to see that nothing much has changed. It was like flipping through the pages of a book that one has finished reading. The ground, the whole school building and premises was the same like when we were in school.
How did this reunion work out? It was all thanks to internet and efforts taken by school friends Alok, Atul and Heemali. Though the event was successful because of whole hearted participation of each and everyone who made it. It all started after forming a group on Facebook and Whatsapp. Everyone was chatting enthusiastically on Whatsapp. Since few of us are in different countries atleast some one or the other is always active in the group.

I hope we continue to be active and not let the enthusiasm fizzle out. We can share our ups and downs with everyone. I am sure no one could be down for too long after being active in the group. Our spirits get uplifted by just scrolling through the chat interaction on Whatsapp.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Conversation with God

Where do You want me to head?
Show me the path to tread

Do I sit idle and do nothing?
I am sure there is some purpose for my being

What is that will make my heart dance?
I promise You will not regret giving me a chance

I am not this body but the soul
Being one with You is the ultimate goal