Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring it on 2014

It is that time of the year when everyone is eager to welcome the New Year. I am also eagerly waiting for the New Year with renewed hope. 2013 was an average year. However, I am very sure that the hard lessons I learned in the year 2013 will help me grow both personally as well as professionally in the year 2014. One positive thing I did in the year 2013 was taking to meditation in a strong way. Though I am still an amateur, the good thing is that I haven’t given up. I am still at it and hoping to master it in the year 2014.

There is a voice within that tells me that 2014 will be a game changer year for me. My sixth sense has given subtle indication about this through a dream. I am curiously waiting for each day to unravel the mystery and magic that year 2014 has wrapped for me. I have resolved to achieve some personal and professional goals in the New Year. I am sure I will be able to achieve them. 

2013 was not good for the blogger in me as well. 2012 was worse but I could have definitely done better in the year 2013. This is one big change that I am aiming for. In fact, one of my goals is to write at least one blog every month. This does not look like a big thing but for someone who writes only when there is a strong urge to write, it definitely is a challenge. Something that gives me confidence is that to write one has to be a very good observer. Meditation is all about getting into a witnessing mode. If I ensure that I meditate daily, I am sure that I will empower the observer in me and thus help me develop the writer in me.

To Almighty God, I have just one request and that is to guide my intellect to the right path in everything I do. I would like to end this post with an affirmation from Swami Yogananda Paramhansa:

“I will reason, I will will, and I will act, but guide my reason, will and activity to the right path in everything.”

Monday, December 9, 2013


The Aam Admi Party (AAP) has done to Congress what David did to Goliath. To emerge as the second largest party in the very first election that it fought is something really great. Congress which was the ruling party in Delhi, suffered the worst ever defeat when results were declared on 8th December, 2013. I appreciate Arvind Kejriwal as he took up the challenge of getting into the system to clean the system. When he along with Anna Hazare was fighting for the Jan Lokpal bill, the politicians had challenged them to get into politics. He took the challenge and proved that his party will be a force to reckon with. I am mighty impressed with the results achieved by the Aam Admi Party. I know winning one election is not the end, there is a long way to go. AAP now has to prove that they are true to their claim about fighting corruption and bringing transparency in the system. I know they may not end up ruling Delhi and there could be re-election also. However, if there is no re-election and they end up being in the opposition, I would like to see how they play the role of a constructive opposition.

Both the Congress and the BJP were guilty of undermining the potential of this newly formed party. Many of their top leaders had ridiculed AAP. However, these politicians seem to have forgotten the definition of democracy. In democracy, government is of the people, for the people and by the people. It means people of the country who step out to vote decide your fate. Yesterday when the votes were getting counted, there was no clear indication as to who really is leading until the very end, especially in Delhi. This is what I like about Indian democracy. It can get as exciting as a One day International Cricket match that gets decided in the last ball of the final over.

AAP now has the onus on them to continue the good work. Will they be able to keep the momentum going for them? To be able to keep your feet grounded and head high is not an easy task to do after such a great achievement. Will they themselves end up getting arrogant after getting the arrogant Congress and the BJP leaders to acknowledge how they erred in judging the mood of the voters in Delhi and also considering AAP to be a minnow? 

I have become a big fan of Arvind Kejriwal and his leadership quality. I guess every one of us loves to see the underdog win. Isn't it what we love to see in any sport? How excited we get when we see a under rated player or a team win against a champion player or a team? In the movie Rang de Basanti, one of my favorites, there is a dialogue about the corrupt system. I will quote it here:

"Doore se commentary dena bahut aasaan hota hai. Doosron ko gaali dena aur bhi aasaan. Agar tumhein itni problem hai to tum badlo na deshko. Yeh tumhara bhi desh hai. Politics join karo, police ya IAS mein bharti hojao, badlo cheezon ko. Lekin tum nahin karoge. Main bataaon kyon? Kyon ki gharki safai mein haath gande kyun karein? Agar itni himmat hai, toh aage badho. Badlo is desh ka future."

Let me translate the above dialogue. It means the following:

"It is easy to comment from a distance. It is easier to swear at others. If you have so much of a problem, you change the nation. This is your nation too. Join politics, police force or IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and change things. But you will not do it. I will tell you why? Because who will spoil their hands cleaning their house? If you have so much courage, then go ahead; change the future of the country"

I think Arvind Kejriwal actually took up this challenge. Now it would be really interesting to see what his and his party's strategy will be for the coming days. AAP's strong showing will force the Congress and the BJP to rethink their strategy. They will also be forced to bring about changes in their functioning to connect with the masses.