Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Follow your heart

I was contemplating about writing a new post on my blog but I was not sure what to write. Then I asked one of my newly found friend and someone who appreciated my blog to suggest some topics. She said, "Follow your heart". So, here I am writing about my heart felt feelings about following my heart.

Each one of us must have taken some decision in life that seemed illogical and irrational at the onset. Your intelligence may have put a question mark on that decision. Still, you decided to follow your heart. It took lot of courage to do so because friends must have ridiculed you for considering that decision. Yet, you decided that no matter what, you will do it. Then at the end you come out as a winner. You proved everyone wrong. You defied logic and yet you succeeded in achieving what you wanted to.

I strongly believe in taking decisions based on gut feeling rather than logic. Logical thinking is definitely helpful but at times it limits you. Life is full of examples where people have overcome physical disabilities to achieve great things in life. They did it because they had a heart felt desire to do so. If they would have relied on logic they would have held on to their crutches for life.

My personal experience in terms of following my heart has been good. On the work front I joined those companies which appealed to my heart. These firms may not have been well known but they helped me to create a distinct identity for myself. I took up responsibilities that logically would seem foolish but those very responsibilities helped me to learn and explore my intellect. I also realized that when I tried to analyze logically I was restricting myself to take up responsibilities based on what I have done in the past. I became sceptical about venturing into unknown territories. At the same time following my heart helped me to look beyond the horizon. I would compare logical reasoning to gravity. It would help you to keep your feet grounded. Yet, when you have to reach for the sky, you need to have wings that help you fly. Consider your gut feeling as those wings that will take you to greater heights than what you could have imagined.

My advice to everyone would be that don’t rely heavily on logic and reasoning. Yes, you do need to apply your brain in decision making. However, when your heart directs you to take a different path; don’t ignore it. Please be assured that you will not regret the decision taken by following your heart.


Sangitha said...

Hey vijit... simply amazing yaa!!! Never thot u wud take that phrase so seriously... U know why ppl shud follow their heart.. coz technically the heart maybe in left but its always right.. Juz like i folllowed my heart and read ur blog.. hehe ;)
Do keep writing..ur words really have some magic.. :)

Vijit said...

Thanks Sangitha!!!

So now everyone knows whom I was referring to when I made this statement:

"Then I asked one of my newly found friend and someone who appreciated my blog to suggest some topics. She said follow your heart. "

i me myself! said...

hey vijit... gud one... the pics r amazing too..
ur blog makes me remind of that song ...of jane tu ya jane na...

dil ki yehi khatta hai,dil ko nahi pata hai...yeh dil chahta hai kya!!..

Vijit said...

Thanks Shalini!!!!

I appreciate your imagination about the way you relate my blog to a song.

Sara said...

Agree when you say that logical thinking makes you have your feet firmly on the ground yet if you want to follow your heart, wings is what you require and that takes guts :) !!

Keep up the good work.

Vijit said...

Hey Sara, Thanks for your comments!

Nice to know that you agree with me.


Unknown said...

Hey vijit..

your blog reminds me of these lines..

"If there ever was a "driver's seat" that should be steering your soul then the Heart is the "driver's seat" of the Soul.
If there ever was one concept that would never steer you wrong, it would be: "Follow Your Heart!!!"

Good piece of work! :-)

Vijit said...

Hey "Known",

Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

It is nice to see that my simple thoughts appeals to people unknown to me.

So, can I know this unknown "known"?

Thank you for your time spent on my blog too!



Unknown said...

Hey Vijit..

Dnt know if my comments were valuable or not..but the fact is that u deservd them! :-)
Its the simple thoughts that appeal to people..coz they have the magnetizing power to attract ppl ;-)

Hey, I guess u already know me..Neways, i've scribbled in your guestbook..might give you a small hint as to who I am.. but lemme be clear abt this ha.. Im from the 'male' species ;-) hehehe

"Thank You" for creating a wonderful platform where ppl like me can spend some time..

warm regards
A Known Stranger! ( seems only the first part of my id got displayed earlier)

Vijit said...

hey what difference does it make whether you are a male or a female. What matters to me is that a person has took some time out to read my blog and appreciate it (open to crticism too).

If I am not mistaken, you are SOM


Unknown said...

Bingo! you guessed it right... Som here.

Hey vijit, im sorry abt the "male species" phrase.. it was juz a pj..didnt think that it would taste bad...hey seems i've turned this comment page into a 1-to-1 conversation between us.. so i'd better stop now..

Best wishes!