Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why do I write?


Do I really know why do I write? Let us try to find out whether I know the answer to this question. 

I have been maintaining a blog  since the year 2007.  My first blogpost was posted on September 8, 2007. I started blogging after I saw an orkut friend’s blog. Before that I was not aware of such an opportunity to show case my writings. My friend’s blog inspired me to start a blog of my own. I used to love writing essays during my school days. However, I never thought that I was good enough. In fact, even now I am not sure whether I write quality stuff. I start writing blogposts whenever I have a heart felt desire to do so. Most of my blogposts are my personal reaction to something I watched in the news, or  some article I read on the internet or things I observed when travelling. When friends started reading my blog they appreciated it and asked me to continue writing. In fact, few of my blogposts happened because my friends wanted me to write my opinion about a topic that they felt strongly about. In my blogs you would hardly find any hard to understand words. The reason being that words for my blog posts come from my heart and not from the intellect. I start writing only when I have a yearning to write and not for the sake of writing. Due to this very reason, I could make a heart to heart connection with my wife. Yes, my wife (a complete stranger until the year 2009) who happened to receive my forwarded emails (emails had a link to my blog in the signature of the email) through one of our common friends, visited my blog and after reading my posts connected with me on orkut. We became good friends, started meeting often and finally got married. So, in a sense, my marriage is a positive result of my blog. 

Writing is something we start doing during our early childhood. We do it because our parents and teachers want us to do. We start writing alphabets, then words, followed by sentences and finally short paragraphs and essays. I always feel that each and every one of us should be able to write our heart felt feelings in our own words. It may not be for public consumption but atleast for self. When you revisit your writings it really helps understand how one has evolved as a person. You can compare it to photographs. If you have a collection of photographs right from your early childhood days till date, you would be able to understand the nostalgic feeling that you get when you see those old photographs again. Similarly, if you start writing your feelings and revisit them later on, you will be able to get into a reflective mode after revisiting your writings. I often revisit my blog posts and after reading them I feel good about myself. If before reading the blog posts, I was in a negative frame of mind, my mood definitely becomes positive after revisiting my blog. 

So, back to the original question. Why do I write? I write to lend words to my heart felt feelings. I write because I feel good immediately after writing and also when I revisit my writings. I am able to maintain a positive outlook towards life because of my blog. I am also able to connect with like minded people because of my writings.