Friday, January 11, 2013

Faith - as taught to me by my daughter

It is already 11 days into the New Year and I know that I am late to post my first blog post for the year 2013. Though I am late, the topic I am writing about is about having faith. So, rather being overtly worried about the delay, I am happy that I am starting the New Year on a positive note and a positive outlook towards life in general. The world not ending in December 2012 also ensured that I am alive and kicking :-) 

We recently celebrated our daughter's birthday and post her birthday celebrations I was just sitting and observing her play. I also reflected on the days I had spent with her and I happened to learn something valuable.

I somehow feel that the relationship that my daughter shares with our family is exactly how our relationship should be with God. My daughter is very adventurous and is always going about exploring things with great confidence. I think somewhere within her is a strong faith in us that no matter what, we will always be there for her. If needed she would make noises  and point to our direction and there we are ready to lift her in our arms and cater to her needs. Isn't this how our relationship with God is? We know that no matter what happens to us, He is always there for us. We may have to pray to Him in order to seek His attention but He is always around keeping a close watch on what we do. Similar to what we do for our kids. 

In the blog post announcing my daughter's arrival  I had made one statement which I would like to repeat here. Being instrumental in bringing someone to life is the closest I think one can get to Godliness. No matter which religion we follow, one thing that all religion preaches is about keeping faith in Him. The almighty in whichever form, is always there for you through thick and thin. So many times in my life I had been through situations where I felt helpless and was ignorant enough to criticize Him for all the hardships. However, with time I realized that difficult times which I perceived to be negative actually turned out to be positive in the end. I found myself in a situation where I regretted criticizing Him and also didn't know how to thank Him for being there for me. 

In this New Year, I am hoping that I could be like my daughter when it comes to my interactions with God. I wish I could have an unwavering faith in the Almighty similar to what my daughter has in us.