Thursday, September 28, 2017

Rahul Gandhi is better than Narendra Modi

The topic of my blog will come as a big surprise for anyone and everyone who knows me in person. I have been a very vocal supporter of Modi and suddenly when I post a blog with the title Rahul is better than Modi, it is bound to shock many.

Without wasting much time let me elaborate on my reasons for rating Rahul ahead of Modi and it will clear things off for everyone.


Look at Modi and you will realize that becoming the PM of the country is such a daunting task. One has to live like a monk, work hard at the grass root level in a party, struggle through your way up, rule a state to prove that one has administrative and leadership qualities and finally make it as PM of the country.

Now look at Rahul Gandhi and you will be inspired to think big. He is one of the most foolish person in the country and yet he thinks that he can be the PM of this country. Does he not inspire you to go beyond all your limitations? Think positive is what you get to hear a lot in most motivational talks that you hear by all the motivational speakers in the world. Who better than Rahul Gandhi to be a living example for this?

Compare Modi and Rahul based on my above statements and you will realize that Rahul inspires you more than anyone in this country. Modi doesn’t even look worthy to stand in the same frame as Rahul.

Humor sense

Modi has made us cry. Demonetization, GST, Fuel prices etc have cost us more pain. I think even a very close friend abusing you and insulting you does not hurt as much as Modi’s actions. He can only bring tears in our eyes. Forget about ever making us even smile.

On the other hand, even thinking of Rahul Gandhi is enough for us to laugh. Just imagine how much more laughter is in store if you get to see and hear him. He just doesn’t let you down. No matter how much the Congress has looted this country through rampant corruption, one just feels like forgetting everything and keep laughing when Rahul Gandhi is talking.

On humor sense front also as you can see, Modi just can’t beat Rahul Gandhi. In fact, he doesn’t even come a close second.


Modi does not understand poverty at all. He wears the priciest of clothes and is always visiting foreign countries. He seems more like a sales and marketing guy roaming around and spending the taxpayer’s money on his foreign trips. Modi has dinner with high profile Prime ministers and Presidents from different nations.

Think Rahul Gandhi and you will remember how he had once reached a venue to give a speech wearing a torn kurta. He didn’t even have money to get the kurta stitched. He can be seen having food with poor people in their huts.

Who do you think understands poverty better? Isn’t it Rahul Gandhi?

It is my appeal to every Indian who will vote next time during Lok Sabha elections that they should vote for Rahul Gandhi for PM. With Rahul Gandhi as the PM of this country, one can be assured that no matter how much pain we would go through in his governance, he will ensure that tears do not roll out of our eyes. Even if it does roll out, it would be because of the excessive and uncontrollable laughter induced pain in the stomach that would be the reason for the tears and not like the ones Modi brings to our eyes.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mumbai local - a conversation

It has been a long time that a blog post has been written by me. However, today's post makes me think that it was worth the wait. Writing just for the sake of it does not make sense. Today while traveling by Mumbai local train from Thane to Bhandup I witnessed a conversation which I felt was worth sharing on my blog.

I boarded a CST bound local from Thane and moved closer to the door on the other side as I needed to get down in Bhandup which is just a 10 minute journey from Thane. Within few minutes the train reached Mulund station. A man boarded the train guiding his 4-5 year old son ahead of him and his wife following him. The wife then moved past her husband and stood diagonally opposite to her husband and at a slight distance from me. As soon as the train started moving the lady started to talk to her husband in Marathi and I realized that she was actually not happy with her husband for allowing their son to board the train first. She felt it was risky because if they could not have managed to board the train, they could have been separated from their son.

It was husband's turn to speak up and I was eager to see his reaction. He initially spoke in Marathi and after noticing that his wife was not feeling comfortable, started talking in English. It seems, he felt it would have helped keep the conversation private. He responded calmly and explained his logic to his wife. He said that he had ensured his son board the train first because he was sure that he would have managed to board the train even if he would have had to run a bit and then catch it. Any other way of doing it could have been risky. Having their son sandwiched between him and wife could have been more risky as he would have to keep looking behind to ensure son is boarding safely or not.

The wife who was initially upset seemed to have understood husband's logic and said that the discussion helped figure out his thought process. Husband replied stating that it is better to ask why some action was taken before concluding whether it is right or wrong.

Bhandup station arrived and this family of 3 got down. I also got down and was thinking about the whole conversation. I found it funny because they assumed that switching the conversation to English would have prevented others from listening in. Even though I did not intend to be involved, I was still a witness. Overall, I liked the way the whole situation was handled because the conversation could have triggered a conflict between the couple but it went smoothly.