Sunday, March 16, 2008

When things don't go your way

There are many instances in every individuals life when things do not go as per plans. It could be in personal or professional life or both. Everyone goes through such a situation in life. How do you deal with it? Most people get depressed and frustrated about it. It is totally human to feel that way. However, for how long can you afford to have this feeling. Ultimately, you will have to come out of it. The sooner you recover, the better it will be for your well being.

I am a firm believer in God and I consider that whatever happens in this world is for some strong reason which only He knows for sure. We realize it later that missing that train or flight was ultimately for our good. The next day we may read in the newspaper that the train we missed got derailed or the flight we missed got crashed. So, do not regret about the things you missed. At the same time I will not advice you to sit back and relax thinking that God will take care of every need you have. One should put all the efforts possible to achieve his/her dreams. The farmer ploughs the field, he sows the seeds, does things to ensure that pests don't destroy the crop and he guards the field from animals and thieves. However, is this enough to ensure a good crop. For a good crop, he has to rely on the rains. Too little or too much of rainfall could destroy his crop. Can he do anything about it? He can't control the amount of rainfall. He cannot even try to do that. So is the case with everyone's life. We can only put our best efforts in achieving our goals and the rest God will take care of.

So guys, the next time you fail to achieve what you have strived hard for, drop a tear or two and then sit back and relax. Nothing wrong in thinking like the fox that the grapes are sour if you have put in the best effort possible to get the grapes.