Friday, June 14, 2024

Thane to Thalaserry road trip Jun 2024 - Day2

Today was day2 of our road trip from Thane to Thalaserrry. We started the journey from Kolhapur at around 3.45 am in the morning. Due to 6 laning work in progress on the highway there was diversion at many places. We were getting off the highway onto the service road and vice versa at multiple places. We crossed Maharashtra border early morning. In Karnataka for most part the roads were better. Before Hubli we exited the highway and got onto state highway 1. The roads there were not in good shape. We took our first halt at New Malabar hotel on state highway for having breakfast. This is the only place in our entire journey where we encountered rains. The route passes through forest area and the greenery all around was soothing to the eyes. 

After driving for couple of hours on state highway, we got onto to NH66 and thereafter the roads were superb. Our next halt was at a petrol pump where we bought Hangyo icecream. It is a good brand with good quality icecream available mostly in Karnataka. Marvanthe beach in Udupi is where we stopped next for a beautiful view of the beach. The blue sky and the sea waves were mesmerizing.

The next stop we took was at Mangalore for lunch. Post lunch we started again. We soon entered Kerala but the ongoing highway work caused lot of delay. However, once all the work gets completed it would save lot of time and ensure a great travel experience. I am sure once all the highway work gets done it will save 2-3 hours of travel time.
We reached Palooor in Mahe at around 7.30 pm. From there we reached Panoor by 8.15-8.30 pm. After getting fresh we went to our relatives house for attending the pre-wedding DJ party. 

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thane to Thalaserry road trip June-2024 - Day1

Today afternoon around 2.05 pm, me, Jaisha, Shaarika and Ayush started our road trip from Thane to Thalaserry (Kerala). The journey till Pune was smooth and without any hiccups. From Pune, we did get stuck in traffic. However, the frustration was soon overcome by this beautiful landscape that we saw before reaching Satara:

In Satara we took a break for snacks at Vittal Kamat and bought kandi pedas. The tea at Kamat's was good. The view while having it, made it an even better experience:

Post tea we started our journey towards Kolhapur where we had booked a homestay. Due to road widening work happening on the highway, we got stuck in traffic at multiple places but it was satisfying to see the infrastructure development happening as it will improve the travel experience in the naar future. As we were nearing our homestay we took food parcel from a hotel. Around 10.45 pm we reached the homestay. We had food and signed off for the day.