Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wonder why people hate Anna Hazare?

I have a friend in Facebook who is consistently posting comments criticizing every move of Anna Hazare and I am not able to make sense of it. He doesn't like his crusade against the Congress. He feels that Anna is targeting Congress only. May be he is a big time Congress supporter. I do not think even if he is a Congress supporter, he should hate Anna. Even if he hates Anna, he can still stand against corruption or support a movement to root out corruption.

I do not know whether Anna’s fight against corruption has any self-interest. I really don’t know whether he is doing it with deep love for the country. A Congress leader even goes to the extent of targeting Anna and his team of being corrupt themselves. I myself do not know whether Anna or any member in his team is corrupt.

Just for a moment let us all believe that Anna Hazare is the most corrupt person in the whole world and his team too is involved neck deep in corruption. Now if this is really true, then he should definitely be eligible to feature in the Guinness book of world records. You will ask me, why? Show me one person in the entire world who is a thief and is fighting hard to bring a law to punish thieves. So, if Anna is corrupt and still fighting hard against corruption, then he should definitely get recognition for this. 

Every political party in this country is corrupt. There is no party out there whom we can single out and say that it is free of corruption. Anna is targeting Congress right now. I do not see anything wrong in this. Most scams have happened during Congress rule. The biggest scams of recent times have the involvement of the Congress government. So, what is wrong if Congress is targeted? Moreover, the Congress party had tried to suppress and oppress a peaceful agitation. If they were clean, why should they fear one man? Why they tried hard to malign Anna’s image when he was on a fast unto death? If Congress had any credibility then they should have fought a battle on principles rather than stooping low and make false allegations against Anna. One of the Congress spokesperson later on had apologized for insulting him. This indicates how much apprehension the Congressmen have in their minds for Anna Hazare. I have not seen such a confused Prime Minister since I started following politics.

Whether you hate Anna or love Anna or just admire him. I have a simple statement to make here. The man is not important; it is the mission that matters. Do not support Anna Hazare if you do not wish to but what stops you from fighting for a strong law against corruption. With or without Anna, a strong law against corruption is the need of the hour. Let us unite and fight for it.