Monday, July 18, 2016

Bad times are good

A dearth in posts on my blog are an indication that I am not enjoying the way life is going. I took an action today that made me feel liberated and resulted in a mind free to write a blog post.

Negativity especially the ones coming from family and friends or long time colleagues hit you where it hurts the most. Attacks coming from people whom you think would never cause harm to you leaves you wondering what wrong have I done to deserve this. Yet there is a voice within that tells you to move on with life. 

To confront or to walk away is a choice to be made. Confronting does not help when the people causing issues are those who know you like the back of their hand. Walking away from the people causing all the drama is the best option even though it may seem to be the hardest of decisions to take. You take such decisions knowing that there exists a supreme power that will see you through the difficulties and challenges. It may seem that everything is bad but in reality it is during bad times that you realize whom you should hold on to and whom you should let go.

Faith in Almighty is what it takes to keep moving and have the belief that everything will be alright.