Friday, January 16, 2015

Anand Kumar - A Superman from India

I was wondering from where my next inspiration to write the first blog post of the year would materialize and that is when I happened to view this inspirational video of Anand Kumar who founded the ambitious and innovative educational program, 'Super 30'. Please click here to check out the video as my words won’t be half as inspirational as his. The INK Conference, in association with TED, is the original source of this video.

What I liked about Anand Kumar?

There are many people in this world who have become successful despite their poor socio-economic background. However, people like Anand Kumar are rare. He is actually investing time, effort and money to lift others and using his knowledge to guide them. How many of us would be selfless and courageous enough to do this especially when our life is put to risk? Anand Kumar continued to work for a noble cause despite being attacked by goons who were trying to dissuade him from continuing with “Super 30”.  The following quote of Swami Vivekananda is perfect to explain why Anand managed to continue his efforts for “Super 30” despite being threatened and attacked by anti-social elements:

“If you really want the good of others, the whole universe may stand against you and cannot hurt you.”
 -Swami Vivekananda

What do I take out from Anand’s speech?

His following words:

“If you have keen desire you can do anything as you wish. The resources and infrastructure are not important. Only will power is needed for success."  - Anand Kumar (Super 30)

Above words of his are powerful enough to shake each one of us up and inspire us to work towards our life goals. Many of us have dreams and goals in life but on most occasions we just brush them aside thinking that we do not have the resources to pursue them. Anand Kumar is a living example of how we can make things happen despite all the odds. 

Our nation needs more people like Anand Kumar who inspire others to succeed in life. Individuals who work tirelessly and selflessly to help others achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.  It was worth the wait for me to write my first blog post of this year. There couldn't have been a more inspirational start than this for the blogger in me.

Please click here to learn more about “Super 30”.