Friday, September 30, 2016

India strikes back

Pakistan has been testing India's patience for quite some time now. Restraint shown by India was seen as weakness by them. All that changed on 29th of September, 2016 when India decided to strike back by doing a surgical strike across the LOC to avenge the Uri terrorist attack.

The Uri terrorist attack on our soldiers was painful for the entire nation and every one was waiting for some action. All were about to give up hope for any retaliation from India based on the history of similar attacks in the past. However, this time around our Prime Minister Modi had something else in mind. Our army was always the same. No one ever had the doubt in their strike capabilities. The thing lacking was support from politicial leadership and the strong will to back our army for action against our enemies. This was the difference that made the surgical strike successful today.

Destroying terrorist launch pads, killing terrorists and Pakistani soldiers without a single casualty on our side shows how efficiently the operation was planned and executed. Kudos to Indian army for avenging the death of fellow soldiers. This will not bring back the soldiers we have lost to terrorism. However, now atleast their families will think that their life was not lost in vain and that the Indian army is capable enough to make the killers of our soldiers pay.

I know this attack on Pakistan will hurt some liberals and some anti Indian news channels who sound more like Pakistanis. I feel really sorry for them. This time around we have a no nonsense PM who knows when to talk, how much to talk and also when to act and how much to act. With Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs we can rest assured that Pakistan will now think 100 times before planning any attack on Indian soil.

There are some politicians who even at such times when the country has to unite decides to endorse anti-India tweets. It is a real shame that some people are not able to keep national interest above petty self-interests. No matter how much you hate or like Modi, no one can deny that the surgical strike conducted by the Indian army would not have been possible without his strong and decisive leadership.

I would like to end this blog by a salute to our Indian army and a heart felt thanks to our PM Mr. Narendra Modi for showing the courage to allow the surgical strikes against terrorist camps in POK