Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Undue Criticism

This blog post is in a way, a summary of what I have experienced in last 2 years. The title of the post indicates the focus of the post.

Criticism is something you get when you need it the least. I have written about it in the past as well. This time though without divulging too many details of my personal experience I will try to give my perspective.

Two years back I was forced to take a difficult decision which I knew would have a negative impact on me but still I took that decision with the best of intent. Balancing my personal life and professional life was one of the aspect but primary aim was to safe guard others interests. To my surprise, I ended up being criticized the most by the folks whose peace of mind was my goal when deciding my action. Even a friend who was fully aware about the turn of events and my rationale behind the decision, recently had some harsh words for me. Strangely not one of my critics had a solution to offer. Everyone was convinced that I was wrong but surprisingly no one could tell me what was the right thing to do. This is what irritated me the most. To rub salt to injury one of the critics had empathy for me in a one on one communication but in a group discussion had a diameterically opposite view point. That feeling of being betrayed cannot be summed up here in words. Compromising on self respect was definitely not on my mind because my heart felt intent was always good even when others wanted to label it otherwise.

I had to take some decisions to protect my self esteem. One of them was to stop absorbing all the negativity coming my way. I always believe that no matter what, if your intent is good, it doesn't really matter who stands with you and who doesn't. If your conscience is clear then eventually you will come out victorious in the most adverse of situations. One just has to wait patiently and let time play its part. 

Time is the best healer and an even better teacher.