Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pappu he was and Pappu he will be

I have always believed in perseverance and strongly feel that one should never give up. However, in Rahul Gandhi, I see a living example of the fact that even perseverance has a shelf life. There are certain things that are out of scope and it is futile to keep trying. I am not sure when the Congress Party will realize this. They have persevered with him to the extent that their very existence is at threat. Yet, they haven't given up on a leader who doesn't know what he is doing and is not conscious of what he is saying. 

A leader should be a reader is a statement I heard recently. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi either doesn't read or he reads without understanding. Maybe to some extent the education he got should get the blame for this. He may have been used to just mugging up without understanding the logic behind something. So, he can blurt out things but really cannot understand the meaning of what he is saying or comprehend the impact it can have.

Just yesterday in the Parliament, he uttered nonsense and acted in a childish manner. In his efforts to defeat Modi, he did not think twice before questioning the credibility of the surgical strike done by our army. He quotes the French President wrongly and his claims fell flat when the French government issues a statement disapproving it. The least thing a leader should ensure is credibility. This is difficult for someone like Rahul Gandhi who is a leader because of his lineage and not because of his leadership abilities. History has proven that the most powerful of empires had to relinquish their power at some point and that is true even for the Gandhi empire which has ruled this country in a democratic setup. Gone are the days when the illiterate and uneducated of this country kept on voting for Congress just because it was headed by the Gandhi family. There may be few educated people too who have hopes from Rahul Gandhi but is more because of their hatred for Modi and less likely due to their faith in Rahul's leadership abilities. 

In a democracy, each and every person has the right to vote for the person or political party of his choice. They may have valid reasons for it. However, I really doubt any sane person can think that Rahul Gandhi is that person who could lead this country in the future. If hate for Modi is prompting one to vote against Modi, atleast ensure that you vote for someone who is a credible leader. At the same time, if the collective conscience of this nation can still perceive Rahul Gandhi as PM then I think not even God can save this country from doom. 

Pappu he was and Pappu he will be.

Friday, July 6, 2018

I want my birthday changed to 1st January

No, it is not me but my daughter who wants her birthday changed to 1st of January. I thought I will make it clear upfront.

Couple of days back, late evening my daughter came up with this weird request to get her birthday changed to 1st of January. Upon probing as to why she would want to get it done, she answered that her birthday being in December, comes last. She wants to celebrate her birthday before everyone else does. I told her that if she wants her name changed, I can do something about it but cannot help her with getting her birth date changed. However, she was adamant and started crying.

I was sure that this must have been an outcome of some discussion that happened in her school with her classmates. My wife ultimately did figure out from her that one of her classmates did comment about her birthday being last and it was the reason for this weird request. I was left wondering how a seemingly innocent comment of a classmate could have such an impact.

On one hand, I found it very amusing. I was initially laughing at her weird demand. However, the very next moment I thought that the whole reason was to come first or be ahead of others. We as adults are no different. Most of us, if not all are fighting to be ahead in the rat race. In fact, we may be doing things more harmful than changing birth date in order to be ahead of everyone else. 

On the last day of our life if we are conscious enough to reflect on our life, I think each one of us would realize that it didn't matter how many times we were first but the kind of impact we had with our presence on people around us.