Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shaarika goes to school

Yesterday was Shaarika's first day at nursery school. I along with my wife accompanied her. For initial few minutes she was fine. After a while though she started getting uncomfortable seeing so many new faces. All the pre-conditioning done by her mother didn't work. Almost daily for the last few days every effort was made to help her realize that neither her mom nor her dad would be there to give her company. It was also told that there would be many kids like her to  play with. However, when she had first hand experience she could not handle it. She started crying asking us to take her home. Being the first day, parents were allowed to be there throughout the one hour in the class. Most of the kids there were crying. Understandably so, as it was a new place. It is the first time that they are out of the confines of their home. Earlier interactions were limited to family and close relatives or possibly with children from the same building complex at the most. Suddently they are finding too many new faces.

I do not recollect my initial days at school but I am sure I would have troubled my parents lot more. My wife it seems had tried to run away on her first day at school. I think the vast majority of us would have cried on the first day.

It was Shaarika's second day today and it was decided that only I will be accompanying her today. There was a vast change in her reaction to the same atmosphere from yesterday. She did not cry at all right from the time that I reached there and till the time that I bid her good bye. Though she was not talking much with me nor reacting to my questions, the fact that she was not crying was assuring enough. After an hour I went back to pick her up and found her to be seated nicely and comfortably and with no tears in her eyes. The moment she looked at me she was all smile and eager to go home and see her mother. The teacher and care taker informed me that she did not cry at all. It was a great relief to know that my little girl adapted herself to the new environment pretty quickly. 

Hoping that she will continue being a good girl going forward and become smarter with each passing day.