Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Destiny vs. Free Will

Destiny or Free will. Which of this makes you, YOU? This blog post of mine is an attempt to put across my view points based on my life experiences.

During my college days and school days, I would resist any thoughts of destiny having to play any role in one’s life. I would argue with anyone who would claim that destiny had a role to play in success or failure. However, after college, when I was struggling to find a job despite giving many interviews, I realized that there is a time for everything. Even now when I reflect on my life events, I do realize that there are different phases in a person’s life. There is a phase where despite best of planning and effort, the desired result is not achieved. There is another phase in life where things fall in place without you planning for it or putting little or no effort. So, my take is that there is definitely something called destiny which plays a role in everyone’s life.

So, is it that life is doomed for someone whom destiny does not favor? No, definitely not. Destiny may play a role in creating hurdles in your life. However, your strong and determined free will can help you jump over those hurdles.  Following is a nice quote on free will:

“We can be, what we will to be” - Anonymous

Destiny may make it too easy or too hard to achieve something in life. It is your free will though which will allow you to overcome the resistance of destiny and march towards your goal.  Destiny may have a say in what problems you encounter in life. Free will decides whether you choose to succumb to it or get over it. Visualization techniques if used right can actually help you create your own destiny. If you have identified your goals and can focus hard on achieving it, then destiny cannot prevent you from conquering your goals.

I have come to the end of my blog post and I am left wondering whether I was destined to write it or was it my free will? :-)