Tuesday, February 26, 2019


It was a special 26 February indeed. The first news I came to know on my birthday is that Terrorist State Pakistan has been given a befitting reply by Indian Air Force for the 14th February suicide attack on CRPF soldiers by Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist.

On 14th February itself I was having a strong sense of anger and frustration and wanted to write a blog to express all of it. However, I always prefer that my blog posts do not show helplessness or frustration as far as possible. Thanks to Indian Air Force, the frustration did not last long. On my birthday, I got the opportunity to wake up to see the good news that the cruel act of terror was avenged and that too without any casualty to our soldiers. It was even better to learn about this news from my elder brother who has served the Indian Air Force for 20 years. I can understand how elated he must be, as just recently when we met we had a discussion regarding the Pulwama attacks. Check out our Whatsapp chat below:

No words can express my gratitude to the Indian Air Force. A special thanks to our honorable PM Narendra Modi too. There was never a question mark on the ability of our armed forces. They were always capable to beat Pakistan and it has been proved in the past too in a conventional war. However, off late Pakistan has been focusing more on unconventional war through use of terrorists. It deserved an unconventional response too. For that a strong and decisive leadership was needed. Full credit to Narendra Modi for that. I know opposition leaders cannot give any credit to him and hence have chosen only to appreciate the Indian Air Force. No one can deny that without a clear cut mandate from the Prime Minister this attack on Pakistan soil could not have been executed. Especially since Indian military does not bypass or overrule the political leadership. 

I would end my blog post with a request to all those who are strong critics of PM Narendra Modi that give credit where it is due. Hypocrisy won't take anyone far. Criticize him till you gasp for breath. Once you are done, do take a deep breath, think calmly without any prejudice and see whether he deserves to be appreciated or not for showing decisive leadership by allowing our armed forces the freedom to decide when and how to execute the counter strike on Pakistan.

There could not have been a better icing on my birthday cake than this :-)