Monday, February 14, 2011

A year after getting engaged

Today is Valentine’s Day. I know everyone knows it. Until last year, this day had no significance for me. Since last year it has become one of the most important days of my life. Don’t you feel like asking me, why? On this very day, a year before, I got engaged to my wife.

The journey from engagement to marriage was too short and action packed. Before getting engaged it was like not having the license to love. However, after getting engaged I knew that I could show that finger to anyone who dared to question us. Hey, don’t miss understand me, I was hinting at the ring finger.

The days before marriage from the time we got engaged were hectic. On one hand, the feeling of getting married soon was keeping us excited and on the other hand we had to make preparations for our marriage, hence meeting each other was becoming difficult.

I distinctly remember my engagement day. On that day, the nick name my wife had given me got justified. She refers to me as JIT (Just in Time) and I was just in time for my engagement. I was on my way to the engagement hall and our vehicle got stuck in traffic. I was getting worried that I may reach late. However, I managed to reach in the nick of time for our engagement.

From my personal experience I have learnt a very important lesson about Love. Love is like a butterfly. I had tried to chase it and got frustrated when I could not catch hold of it. Then when I stopped and sat down after running out of hope, it came and sat on my shoulder. We are sent into this world in pairs. Even before we are born, a life partner for us has been decided. Who she is, when you will find her, is known only to Almighty. Some find their partner early some have to wait a tad longer. Someday you are destined to find that special person is a fact of life. Be patient enough to wait. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.