Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reviving the blogger in me

I visited my blog and found that I have not been blogging for quite some time. This year, if I exclude this particular blogpost, I have blogged only thrice. In 2009, I wrote 22 blogposts, in 2008 the number of blogposts was 26 and in 2007 it was 11 blogposts. 2010 has been an eventful year for me both in personal and professional life and yet just 3 blogs doesn’t look right, isn’t it? Actually the events that took place in my life too have some role to play in this. I have been kept very busy with little time to spare. This blog of mine is an attempt to revive that blogger in me whom I lost somewhere. Before this year ends, I need to revive him and get him back to form.

My wife who has been a great fan of my blog too has been persuading me to blog. I would just ask her to suggest a good topic to blog about as I am not able to think of any. I guess it was not the dearth of topics that was the reason. I just lost that urge to write. I had lost the connection with the inner me, my heart. When you look around and observe things happening, you will realize that the inspiration to write is just waiting to get noticed. The only thing one needs to do is have a receptive heart. I guess this blogpost of mine will play a big role in getting rid of the rustiness.

Before I started writing this blogpost, I revisited my very first blogpost and read few of my initial posts. I then glanced through to my latest blogpost. I observed that my blogposts improved with each passing day. My very first post looked very amateur. I am not saying that my latest ones show signs of a great writer but definitely they are much better than my first one. I am mentioning this to prove that if you devote time to a particular task, over a period of time you are bound to improve in that task. No matter what that task is. Application and patience will get you through. I am sure many of us must have started learning something new and abandoned it half way through thinking that we are not capable of doing it. I guess it is one of the biggest mistakes that we commit. We give up very easily without giving ourselves a chance.  

I am hoping to roll out many more blogposts by the year end and in the New Year too.