Thursday, May 29, 2008

Academic Qualification and Aptitude

Academic qualification and aptitude, do they go hand in hand? Does having a post graduate academic certificate ensure that one is a knowledgeable person? Does donning that scholar's cap mean you have the aptitude to perform? I would answer in the negative to all the above three questions.

I truly feel that being highly qualified academically is very important. However, I also feel that one should have the aptitude to go with the academic qualification acquired. This is not the case with many. People (not everyone) generally mug up all the information from books during exams and write it down in the papers. This helps them get a certificate that will give them an edge in the job market. But then, are they really knowledgeable? Can they apply the knowledge they have acquired during the academic cycle? Very few actually justify the academic qualification they have acquired.

In any workplace, it is highly important that they have a workforce which has the attitude and the aptitude to learn. Today’s world is constantly evolving. New technologies are coming up and hence it has become very important that every individual in the workplace is constantly updating and upgrading his knowledge. This means having the willingness and curiosity to learn. One should have a child like enthusiasm towards any new task.

I have seen highly qualified people not having the courage to face the challenges that come up at the workplace. They tend to stay in a comfort zone and not willing to explore. I personally feel that though a person may be highly qualified, it should not be the sole criteria to get that person on board. His attitude and aptitude should be put to test. A sound academics will definitely be handy but not at the expense of adaptability.