About Me

If I have to talk about myself, I should start from the very beginning. I was born impatient. I say this because I arrived in this world approximately 2 months earlier than the expected date. Though life so far has been a lesson in patience. By nature I am a straight forward person and at the same time reserved. One thing that most people complain about me when they meet me for the first time is that I do not talk much. However, it does take some time for me to drop my guard and be comfortable and open up. I guess it is the right thing to do for someone who does not hesitate to call a spade, a spade.

I am a very spiritual person too. I strongly believe in God and have many instances in life where I felt that His presence and support got me through and made me what I am. My idea about God is summed up in one of my old blog post "Does God exist?". I have a positive approach towards life and think that each one of us is "Born to Win". In sports I enjoy playing and watching cricket. Though nowadays I hardly get any time to play. As a hobby I am into writing blogs. Reading is also of interest to me. I prefer short articles or stories over big books. It becomes difficult to maintain the flow and continuity when reading big books because of the many distractions we have these days. I think mobile phone is one of the big culprits here.

My childhood was fun. I think everyone enjoys being a child. However, when you were a child, you wanted to become an adult as quickly as possible. My idea about childhood has been expressed in a short poem in my blog post "Wish I could be a kid again". The best part about my childhood was that my parents ensured that I got the right care and attention during my growing up days. All my needs were taken care of by them even during difficult times. I  hardly ever had to struggle during my school days or college days because of the strong backing that was provided by my parents. They sent me to one of the best schools due to which I received quality education. Science and Maths were my favorite subjects. Even History I used to like until my 6th Standard because until then it was about Marathas. Especially Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. After that when our history moved on to the Portugese & British involvement in India and our freedom struggle, history as a subject became less interesting. I personally felt that our freedom struggle took too much time. I also liked English especially grammar and essay writing. This I think was because of the good English teachers we had in my school. One of the reasons I am into writing blogs. I would rate myself as an average writer who can pen his thoughts in simple words. I am not one of those writers who would use difficult and hard to understand words because I believe in simplicity.

 I completed my Diploma in Engineering and decided to look for a job and not to go for Degree in Engineering. I struggled to find a job that was in line with my educational qualification. Finally got into a Call center and started working in a web based support process and had an opportunity to work in a voice process for the last two months of the 2 year period that I was in that organization. Then later on I moved into a different organization where the role was providing support over email. Here too I moved into a voice based process in the later stages. I then joined my current organization and my job profile was into technical support for a US based company.

I got married in the year 2010. For details about how my marriage worked out, read my blog post "31st December, 2009 - a Blue Moon Day ". In year 2011 there was a new addition in my family. An angel arrived and filled our life with joy.

In June 2020, I successfully completed my Bachelor's in Business Management course through University of Mysore.