Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Your destiny is in your hands (handwriting)

I will consider year 2021 as a year of transformation for me. I learnt a new skill in the form of Handwriting analysis. The statement "Your destiny is in your hands" is true. Maybe, a bit generic. A much more specific statement will be "Your destiny is in your handwriting". While learning graphology, I realized how our handwriting is a mirror of our personality. There are so many traits that can be identified using the handwriting of a person. Just like fingerprint, each handwriting is unique. A handwriting can tell so many things about a person's state of mind and overall personality. Even health issues can be identified through a person's handwriting. I am glad that I choose to dive deep into handwriting analysis.

As part of the certification, I analyzed handwriting samples of friends, family members and even complete strangers about whom I knew little. On an average the accuracy of my analysis was above 95%. The reactions I got from people when I unraveled their personality traits were unbelievable. I had approached learning this skill with skepticism. I thought it would be more of a hit and a miss. However, I was surprised to find out how accurately a person's personality traits can be identified using handwriting analysis.

I have decided to dive deep and keep polishing my handwriting analysis skill. The satisfaction of helping people know themselves better and help them take wise decisions in their life is unparalleled. I hope that I am able to enhance my skills to such a level that I am able to guide people to take informed decisions about their own life. 

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