Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tried my hand at Sketch Noting (DDC - Day 5)

Today is Day 5 of the Daily Doodle Challenge and as part of that I tried my hand at sketch noting. Sketch noting typically is used to write visual notes for capturing important points from a meeting or presentation. It is also used to capture one's experience. It could be a vacation or it could be a learning experience. It is said that sketch noting can actually help one to retain more information that plain notes. The reason being that our brain tends to love images more and remembers it better.

Since I did not have much time to think through an experience or a meeting to come up with sketch notes, I chose to create a timeline of the poems I wrote on this blog instead.
I will try to come up with more sketch notes in the near future. That's it for today. I will be back again tomorrow.

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