Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tenga Kola Manga Tholi (DDC - Day 4)

Tenga Kola Manga Tholi as a title would be a tricky one for non malayalees, but any malayalee (People born in Kerala or having roots in Kerala, who speak the malayalam language) would definitely had a smile on their face immediately after reading the title of this blog post. For non malayalees I will definitely explain it. Before that I would like to say thank you to everyone who visited my blog yesterday to check out my Day 3 Doodle. Few of you have appreciated it by replying to my Whatsapp status and some of you have liked my tweet with the blog post. I hope it did inspire you to think about trying out something that you have been putting on the back burner due to your false belief that it is difficult or too late to try. 

Now coming back to the blog title. Tenga Kola Manga Tholi literally translates to bunch of coconut and peel of mango. However, actually it is a malayalee way to ridicule someone who is uttering some nonsense. Now why would this make it as a doodle on my blog is what you would be wondering. The reason is that I happened to tell my wife that I do not know what should be the doodle to try for Day 4. She instantly replied stating Tenga Kola Manga Tholi. Now, one cannot ignore wife's suggestion, isn't it? :-) 

Some of you may think that I was being ridiculed here. In reality it was karma, pay back time. It is typical of me to utter Tenga Kola Manga Tholi at home just to make fun of either my wife or my daughter. This time though I was at the receiving end.

It is too late now and I am winding up for the day. I will be back tomorrow with Day 5 doodle. Until then good bye and good night.

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