Saturday, December 7, 2019

Meraki (DDC - Day 7)

It is Day 7 of the Daily Doodle challenge and was lucky to attend event Meraki at my daughter's school.
The logo above is also unique. It reads Meraki even if you read it upside down.

Until today I was under the impression that it would be a small event restricted to the auditorium or school ground. I was proved wrong. It was a grand event and almost every classroom in the school was utilized for it. Ranging from Life skills, robotics, cubotics, social causes, hobbies and so much more. I was there for over 3 hours and did not realize the passage of time. Even after spending so much time, I could not visit every section. My doodle of the day captures just limited things I observed and experienced through the presentations. 

One section was about realizing that you are not a limited being like the caterpillar but someone who has the potential to be a beautiful butterfly.

There was one classroom highlighting the importance of me time. Time for self and how it is helpful in ensuring self development. 


One stall was focused on informing how spending time will family helps. It had ideas around different games that family can play together and also how having atleast one meal of the day together with family helps in bonding.

Then there was this bell kept hanging outside with a message asking visitors to ring it if 

One message on the entrance of the classroom had this message that stood out: 

"Don't worry about whether or not the Sun will rise, be prepared to enjoy it."

 All in all it was a wonderful experience for me as a visitor. The best thing that I liked about the event is that the kids were presenting and explaining about life skills. To be able to be in that position they must have learnt and understood it. Then presenting it to strangers must have done wonders to their confidence. I am sure the experience they had will help them in future. 

My daughter was one of the presenters too explaining about pebble art.

I leave you with some more pictures I had taken at the event.

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