Sunday, December 1, 2019

A month away from taking the leap into the Leap Year (DDC - Day1)

Today I decided to take the Daily Doodle Challenge (DDC) to capture my thoughts through a doodle. I plan to doodle about that thought of the day that sticks out prominently in my mind. I will also aim to ensure that like my attempts to stay positive through my blog post, my doodles will also be about bringing out the positive thoughts of the day. I will also attempt to see the funny side of things through my doodle.

Day 1 of my blog it was about the thought that we are just a month away from taking the leap into the leap year. I also plan to doodle using my left hand (though I am left handed, I have been trained to write using my right hand). So, the whole idea is to try something different. When nothing goes right, go left. :-)

It is also an attempt to hit two targets with one arrow. I have been struggling for quite some time to  come up with blog topics to write about. Doodling will help me achieve two things. One, help me to improve my drawing skills. Two, trigger me to write about the doodle and thus help me get content for my blog post.  

I hope to stick to this ritual on a daily basis. Let me see how far I can take it. I also aspire to improve the doodles with each passing day.

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