Saturday, December 6, 2014

Life is precious - cherish it

This blog post is about an incident that I witnessed and one which made me value life dearly.

Tonight on my way back home from office as usual I reached Kanjurmarg station. I was on the foot over bridge when I saw a man running down the steps towards the platform to catch a train to Titwala that was about to leave. By the time I reached the platform I could hear people shouting but didn't know the reason. At some distance I could see a man lying on the floor and people gathered around him. I moved closer to the crowd and realized that the same person whom I saw earlier on the foot over bridge had met with an accident and was lying on the floor. This person tried to catch the running train but slipped and fell on the platform. He was very lucky to have not been dragged by the train else the accident could have been fatal. He did injure his head and his body got bruised too. However, he was able to walk when couple of guys lifted him up. They made him sit on a nearby bench. One gentleman offered some water to the petrified accident victim. Few people gathered around were yelling at him, when they were supposed to calm him down. One person asked him as to why he was in such a mad rush to catch the train that had already started moving. He replied stating that he wanted to be with his kids at home. Possibly there was some urgency involved but I think reaching home safely was more important than not reaching at all. After a while couple of cops arrived and they were tending to him. My train arrived by then and while I was boarding the train, I saw couple of guys accompanying him possibly to a nearby hospital for first-aid.

This was not the first time that I have witnessed such foolish acts at Kanjurmarg railway station. In the past I have seen similar accidents on two occasions. Luckily on each occasion the accident did not prove fatal or cause major injuries to the individuals who were involved.

We all have just one life and I think we should cherish it not only for our own self but also for our near and dear ones who are dependent on us.

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