Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014 - Welcome 2015

It is that time of the year when most of us would sit and analyze how good or bad the year has been. I am also in that reflective mode today.

How did 2014 treat me?

On personal front year 2014 did not start off well. All efforts to hold on to a close relationship turned out to be a futile exercise. I learnt that no matter how good your intent is; if people are hell bent on misunderstanding you, things will fall apart. Not just the beginning of the year but almost the entire year personal relationship was put to test. In second half of the year, it was a close friendship that did not stand the test of time. I realized that for relationships or friendship to be successful, the most important factor is trust. 2014 did punch some severe blows but it could not manage to knock me out. I was down but not out. I only hope that someday better sense would prevail and things will improve.

All the emotional turmoil did affect me but my faith in the Almighty is what kept me going. A spiritual journey that I had been putting off for so many years worked out like a charm this year. I am glad that I could embark on this journey. It was a welcome break which really helped me to put everything in perspective. The way it worked out also strengthened my belief in divine grace.

On the professional front things were mostly steady. I was successful in ensuring that personal issues had no influence on my work. For most part, it was routine stuff on the work front. Towards the end of the year though something unexpected happened. I got an opportunity to contribute by writing a blog for the corporate website. I also got appreciated and rewarded for it. It was nice to realize that an article I wrote was good enough to find space on corporate website.

What about 2015?

I will be stepping into 2015 with renewed hope both on personal and professional front.

On personal front I will ensure that emotions do not get the better of me. Lessons learnt in 2014 will help me achieve that. Peace of mind will have precedence over anything else in life. Daily meditation is already helping me in that regard. I will continue practicing it in 2015 to advance spiritually. I will take up the challenge to devote more time for reading and learning new stuff. Cooking is also on my to-do-list. My wife will definitely have a sarcastic smile on her face after reading this. :-)

Professionally, it would be great to try something different to stimulate the creative mind. More opportunities to showcase my skills is something I hope for. I also aim to get out of my comfort zone by learning some new skills that will widen the scope in my career. Prime goal professionally is to break the routine and get into acceleration mode. 

My gut feeling is that 2015 will turn out to be a very positive year for me both personally and professionally. I hope the same holds true for everyone. I wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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