Friday, August 8, 2014

He-Man - I have the power

Out of the blue today, I recollected He-Man, one of my favorite super heroes from my childhood days. I remember waiting desperately for the episodes of He-Man. I used to love it. I remember how Prince Adam raising the sword would proclaim, "By the power of Gray skull.......... I have the power!" and get transformed into He-Man. Prince Adam was depicted as lazy and cowardly; however, He-Man to the contrast was shown as courageous and all powerful.  

During my childhood days, I was just excited to see all the action and drama in the cartoon series. Today when I try to look at He-Man, a totally different perspective emerges. Were Adam and He-Man two different individuals? Was the power of He-Man coming from Gray skull or the magic sword? The answer to both these questions is, No. All power came from the belief in the following words, “I have the power!”  All power actually lies within us. The day we realize this nothing is difficult and nothing is impossible to achieve. He-Man was simply Prince Adam who realized that all power lies within him. Each one of us is a potential He-Man or She-Woman (just to ensure gender neutrality).

Even before the comic He-Man was created, there was a real life He-Man born in our own motherland, India. He had realized that all power lies within us. He was none other than Swami Vivekananda. I will put forth one of his quotes here:

The day we realize our true potential which lies within us, we will be truly powerful. We need not look for it in the external world. Just need to connect to your inner voice for guidance and you will soon realize that the source of all power is in your own heart.

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