Friday, August 3, 2012

Unconditional smile

My last blog post was in the month of March. It is August now. A gap of 4 months is too long. However, the reason for this huge gap is my bundle of joy, my darling daughter, Shaarika. Normally when I have such a huge gap, I would deeply regret it and feel disappointed that I could not find time to write a good enough blog post. This time though I am not that upset with myself. Being a first time dad it is not easy to find time for blogging. It is even more painful being a first time mom. I am sure my wife will agree with me on this. The number of sleepless nights she spends taking care of our baby is commendable. I know being a mother is tough. The thing that keeps her motivated is the unconditional smile on our sweet little baby’s face. It is precious.

When I come back home after a hectic day at work, all it takes is one smile from my baby. All my worries and tensions fade away and I just cannot resist smiling back at her. She would be desperately waiting to get into my arms and hug me, the very moment I enter our home. Though she cannot talk (just 7 months old), she would make all the gestures and sounds to indicate that she wants me to take her in my arms. I wonder at times as to what I have done for her that she makes me feel so special. Since our daughter came into our lives, everything else has taken a back seat. Her health, her needs and her care taking has taken precedence over everything else in the world. What we do, when we do and how we do it, is all decided after considering the impact it would have on Shaarika.

Friends, no matter how much money you spend on materialistic needs, there are some things that are priceless. One such thing is the unconditional smile that I have been talking about all through this blog. Even while sleeping, at times, Shaarika has a lovely smile on her face. It is so nice to watch her smile. It is said that angels visit infants when they are sleeping. I don’t know whether it is true or not. The thing that I am sure of is that my daughter herself is an angel who has been sent into this world by Almighty God to bless us.
Being a parent is not easy and I am sure with each passing day the responsibilities would only increase. Still, that unconditional smile which has touched our heart is something that will definitely keep us going for years to come.

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Darshan Panickar said...


These kinds of moments are the biggest misses for NRIs like us. I missed most of my friend's matrimony events or any other nice events. My own matrimony happened with such a pinch of time that I couldn't invite most of my relatives and friends (yeah, I can still hear complaints from them). I had to resort to low-profile court marriage and then a tiny reception.

haha...anyway, life has to move on...

Congrats again..