Friday, October 9, 2009

Mind reading

I wish I could read people’s mind. Many a times they say something and mean something totally different. It seems everyone has a hidden agenda. Even close friends at times say things that make you think why they said something like that. Also, ability to read minds would be helpful when you would like to say something and not sure how the person will react to what you say. Is that person in a receptive state of mind? Will my words hurt to such an extent that our relationship could get affected adversely?

I am an intuitive person and can sense things that words do not convey. Yet my intuition may not give me clear indications every time. It may just give me a weird feeling when things are not right but not tell me exactly why it is so. This causes confusion because you know that something is wrong but not sure why it is so. If I could read minds atleast of people who matter to me, I could know why they are upset. I can then work on solving their problem and thus be able to bring a smile on their face.

Mind reading would also be helpful in deciding whether you can open up to a person and convey your heart felt feelings. If the other person is not on the same wavelength things may not remain the same between the two. Words always do not convey the feeling appropriately. However, at the same time if you knew everything before hand, life would become boring. The surprise element will be missing. You won’t feel the adrenaline rush caused due to uncertainty.

Though mind reading has its pitfalls, yet in certain situations in life you yearn for it.


Sangitha said...

Mind reading eh?? :O
My intution says u want to read only what goes on in a girl's mind.. :P
Hmmmmm... lol :D

Vijit said...


You read my mind accurately.

The most difficult mind to read is that of a girl........he he he