Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The topic of this blog post is prompted by the closing statement of an article I read. You never know from where you will get your next inspiration to write. No wonder reading plays a critical role when it comes to writing. When I read that closing statement, I could relate it to a very recent incident in my life and also to certain incidents that have affected friends or people I know.

Last week my dad had to be admitted to the hospital and was in ICU as his blood platelets count had dropped. I was required to go to the blood bank along with prospective donors to arrange for the platelets. While I was at the blood bank, I realized that it was not just me who was there for this purpose. There were at least 3 others in a similar situation. With help from my cousin I could arrange for the required platelets and my dad was out of danger.

My dad recovered soon and he was at home in 4 days time. A person who knows my dad came to visit him. He started inquiring about my dad's condition. Then the conversation topic changed as my mother inquired about his family. He was telling us about how he had to sacrifice his aspirations for the sake of his family. His dad was getting old and was alone at his native place. So he got his wife and younger kid to stay there and take care of him. He and his elder son stayed here and have managed through many hardships. He had to put aside his plans of improving his career as he had to focus on his son's education and other day to day activities.

The closer you get to a person, you will realize the pain that is getting masked behind the broad smile. You get to see the tears that go unnoticed. Every person you meet will have his own unique story to tell. I know of a friend who too had to choose a career different from what she aspired for, just to ensure that her family does not suffer due to the financial burden. Also, not to forget Ravi, the guy who sells peacock feather fans at Hanging Garden, Mumbai. A guy who started working at an age when kids start going to school.

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I know people who have sacrificed their biggest and possibly their only dream for the sake of someone they love and care for. A good singer who could have made it great sacrificed her dream because she didn't get the support from her family that singers now get. I am sure she would have otherwise given all the Indian idols a tough competition.

So guys, do not get bogged down in the battle of life. If you look around, you will find people who are fighting a more challenging battle than you.

I would like to end this post with the following quote by Albert Einstein:

“When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about.”
~ Albert Einstein ~


Sangitha said...

Right said vijit.. Could identify with some things u mentioned in ur post.. :)
And hey correct me if i am wrong but these ending lines were in that email fwd about that army jawan and software pro na? It was a nice one..U should have posted that story too..
Hope uncle is fine now.. Take care.. :)

Vijit said...

Hi Sangitha!

Nice to see your comment. Infact I guess each and everyone in this world can relate to this article.

You are right the title of this blog is from that email about the army jawan and software pro conversation.

Dad is fine now.

Anonymous said...

I could relate to it...very well written!

Vijit said...

Thanks for your comment "Anonymous". Would have loved to know your name.