Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How did I meet one of my closest friend?

Work helped me find a friend who fits the definition of friend word by word. A friend in need is a friend indeed. My work required me to interact with her and I did not realize when this interaction transformed into a great friendship.

At my work place I was getting into a new role and to cope with it I needed support in the initial stages. This person was a stranger for me until then. With each passing day I had to approach her with my doubts and not knowing how she will react I used to approach her with apprehension. However, the way she went out of the way to extend help and support to me came as a big surprise to me. We had never interacted with each other before and so I was bound to be amazed with the way she went about extending a helping hand to me.

First impression never gives you the real picture of a person. I started believing in this statement because of her. Initially when we did not interact with each other I had formed a negative impression in my mind about her. I did not expect her to be a patient or hard working individual and definitely not a person who would go out of the way to help someone. Working with her I realized how much committed she is towards work. Even on a holiday she was available on phone without throwing any tantrums. Patience shown by her in my efforts to understand the work I am doing helped me learn fast and become confident.

I was just starting to enjoy working with her when things started to go wrong for her in the workplace forcing her to take the inevitable decision to quit the organization. I was not at all happy to see her go but then for her good it was imperative that she bid adieu.

Since then, we never got an opportunity to work together. I always pray to God that I get an opportunity to work with her again. It was fun working with a thorough professional like her. Our friendship is not bound by work anymore but then the experience I had working with her makes me yearn to relive those days of working together. I hope this wish of mine will get fulfilled very soon.


Gayatri Samant said...


Vijit said...

Thank you!!! :-)

Sangitha said...

Hey a sweet post dedicated to a frnd.. Very few are lucky to find ppl who can b called as friends in their workplace.. And i can proudly say i am one of them juz like u.. :-)
Hope ur friendship with that best friend goes a long way..and May Almighty fulfill your wish.. :-)
And yes.. Amen.. ;-)

Vijit said...

Thank you Sangitha!!!