Monday, August 17, 2009

My Shadow

Seven colors define a rainbow
but black is the color of my shadow
Light keeps it alive
else into darkness it will dive

It keeps changing shape
but it's me that it always tries to ape
As long as there is light
it never goes out of sight

With me it will walk
but never will it talk
Events in life may make me sad
but an indifferent attitude is all it had


Sangitha said...

So u posted this poem eh? ;-)
U could have added more two wud seem complete.. Must b coz im used to reading looog poems.. haha :-D

Like i said..Ur poem..Ur baby.. hehe ;-)

I loved these beginning lines..
"Seven colors define a rainbow
but black is the color of my shadow'.

Nice imagination.. claps.. claps** :-)

Vijit said...

Hey Sangitha I also felt it was short. But another friend of mine said it is still good enough to find place in my blog so I went ahead and posted it.

You challenged me to write on shadow and that is the reason I wrote this poem.

Thanks for the challenge!

next time I will try to write longer poems but it does require lot of patience. I rely on spontaneity rather than patience when it comes to writing.