Thursday, August 27, 2009

If money didn’t matter, which career would I go for?

Teaching would be the career I would have opted for if money didn’t matter. Why teaching? The primary reason would be to learn more. I know this may seem odd. If you have to learn you got to be a student and not a teacher is what you would say to me. However, I strongly disagree with you. Only a good learner can be a great teacher. Also, knowledge is the only wealth that increases when you distribute it.

As a child when anyone would ask me, what I would like to be? I would say, a doctor. However, today if someone would ask me that question, teaching would be my answer. You would be hard-pressed to learn and acquire knowledge in order to impart it. Students will shoot many questions at you. Questions you would not have asked yourself before. A multitude of view points will force you to think deep. One gets a great sense of accomplishment by imparting knowledge.

I am not a great fan of our education system though. Whatever we are learning in schools today, how much of it are we implementing in our lives? Things we learn from books are rarely helping us in our day to day life. Practical side of learning is not emphasized on. Just because a particular book mentions it, it must be true. This is the way that a majority of us think. We have not nurtured the curiosity that we are born with. The curiosity to learn has been dying a silent death. Memorizing answers to questions and writing it down word by word during exams gets you good marks. Once exams are over who cares whether you remember anything of it. We are creating robots and not thinkers. As a teacher this mindset is what I would like to change. Laying emphasis on the practical side of learning and creating thinkers would be my primary aim.

Maybe someday I will end up being a teacher or at least get to play a similar role in whichever field I am.


Sangitha said...

U taught me the nuances of blogging.. so Happy Teacher's Day Vijit Sir..!! hehe ;-)

Vijit said...

You are welcome!

Teachers are supposed to get a gift this day.

Where is mine my dear student?