Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Give me a break

Holidays have become a dream in the literal sense. I just don’t remember when I had been for a holiday (a long one). When was it that I had hugged Mother Nature? When was it that I slept in a peaceful environment?

My dream holiday would be any place that is miles away from the noisy and chaotic city life. It would be with select friends. No mobiles to beep, only friends to talk endlessly on topics that do not hover around work. Work has become a priority in life so much so that we have lost touch with dear ones. Gone are the days when one used to work for 8 hours and spent the rest of the day with family or friends. Laptops and mobiles are supposed to make life convenient for us. Have they? I think they have actually created a virtual office wherever we go.

In our efforts to make life easy and comfortable, we have actually ended up making it miserable. Rest is important for maintaining physical strength and to reduce mental stress. It also helps to think about life with an uncluttered mind. At home the idiot box is hell bent on converting us into one of its kind. I always thought that with the remote control in hand I was the one who was in control. It was a myth. There are so many channels to watch that you end up surfing channels without realizing how much time you have wasted and achieved nothing. Kids of this generation are hooked to the T.V. even before they have learnt to walk or talk. I feel this will harm their ability to develop the right skills and their ability to learn things by exploring.

I wish I could get out of the mad race that the world is indulging in and spend quality time relaxing in Mother Nature’s lap.


Sangitha said...

you seem to be in dire need for a vacation vijit..
Hope u get that well deserved nap in mother nature's lap.. hehe ;-)

cya.. take care..

Vijit said...

Thank you Sangitha!

I hope your wishes for me come true.

he he he