Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Friend

I have a friend
With whom fun sees no end

Few steps away or oceans apart
My friend is close to my heart

Sunshine or gloom
Our friendship never ceases to bloom

I got something to say
My buddy will listen; come what may

Chances of us separating are odd
After all friendship is a gift of God


Gayatri Samant said...

Way to go Kavivarya Vijit

Vijit said...

Thank u Thank u!!!!


Sangitha said...

After all friendship is a gift from God...

Its a sweetest poem i have read on frndship.. Good one vijit!! :-)

Vijit said...

Thank you Sangu!!!

It was tough. I really appreciate you for your skills in poetry.

I just somehow manage. That's it.

i me myself! said...

hey vijit,nice one!
ur frnd is really lucky...i must say

Vijit said...

hey Shalini,

I consider you my friend too and I feel I am lucky to have you as my friend.