Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you Uni!!!

Today morning when I was returning back home from office (I work in night shift) I was wondering how much of an effect Uni had on my life. No matter how many words I use to thank Uni, I know it won't be enough. Those who frequent my blog do know whom I am referring to. For new visitors, Uni is my Honda Unicorn bike. She is a darling and we have become inseparable now. Along with her traveling is fun, less time consuming and easy on the purse too. Be it dusk or dawn, day or night, afternoon or evening, no matter what time of the day, she is always ready to take me to any place of my choice.

Traveling to work had been a pain in the previous firm that I worked for. It used to take me around 4 hours of traveling each day. After putting about 10-12 hours at work, you can figure out how much time I must have had for personal stuff. Uni turned things around for me. Total time spent each day on traveling to and fro to work is just 1 hour. Can you imagine this in a city like Mumbai? No more running after buses or auto-rickshaws. No need to board crowded local trains. Because of the traveling woes, I used to drag myself to work earlier. However, with Uni I am more than eager to step out and zoom into office.

Uni has a positive effect not only on my professional life but personal life too. On the personal front, I could manage to join a gym and stick to a schedule, all thanks to the time I manage to save. The effect is for all to see. I have improved fitness level that keeps me active and alert throughout the day. I know I have been giving human attributes to Uni but then I simply can’t stop myself from doing that. She is everything that you expect from a friend, ever ready to help.

I love you Uni!!! :-)

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