Monday, March 9, 2009

Elections - my view

The General Elections are round the corner. I know this time around voters will turn out in large numbers because of the terrorist attack that took place in Mumbai in November, 2008. This blog post of mine is to highlight how I will go about in deciding whom to vote for this elections.

Firstly I am very clear in my mind which political party I will definitely not vote for. It is the Left parties. They have a history of creating uncertainty. They have always been a pain to whichever government they supported. I know that there is not a single political party that is not corrupt. However, when it comes to BJP and the Congress I know for sure that there are at least a few individuals who are capable of bringing about a positive change. Also, I hope the media plays a big role in helping out voters to choose the right candidate. They should give a detailed account of all candidates contesting the elections. Does the candidate have a criminal record? What development activities have been taken care of by the candidate in the past? Has the candidate indulged in corruption or any other unlawful activities?

Though I have mentioned BJP and Congress as the two political parties I would consider to vote for, it does not mean I would compromise by voting for any Tom, Dick or Harry that they field in the Elections. My personal choice would be a candidate who is known for his track record. I will also like to urge all voters to vote for the right candidate. Once we as voters start doing that every political party will try and ensure that the candidates they field in the elections are not corrupt and have a clean political image.

Voting is a personal choice. The views I have expressed are my personal opinion which I do not wish to impose on any individual. However, please do vote as it is a great tool at your hands to decide the future of our country.

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