Saturday, March 28, 2009

Communication options and relationships

Our generation must be the most privileged generations of all times when we look at how technology has given us wide range of options to stay connected with each other. On the internet we have emails, instant messenger and social networking sites. A cell phone can be used either to send sms or make a call. Yet I feel that in relationships and friendships that spice is missing. The personal touch that used to be there when we were not overwhelmed with technology is not to be seen.

I feel that a personal meeting with friends, spending quality time with each other is something that cannot be substituted by sms or phone call. They may be an aid but never a substitute. In fact sms I feel is the most inappropriate form of communication when it comes to personal relationships. It lacks feelings and emotions. A person can be in a real bad mood, yet he/she can mislead the person at the other end by putting n number of smileys in the sms that gets sent. I personally try my best to limit my personal interactions over a sms but then at times get dragged into a sms chain by friends. The moment I realize that things are going awry, I either call up or send a sms to convey my desire to meet up in person to discuss the issue. Typing out words to explain through a sms can be really painful and can become very irritating especially when the person at the other end is hell bent on misinterpreting.

Meeting up personally and communicating is more enriching for any kind of relationship because it involves eye contact, body language and you feel genuine warmth if it actually exists. The next best option to a personal meet would be a telephonic conversation. However, sms is something that I dread. SMS can be fun when things are going smooth, on the other hand, when you end up fighting or discussing issues over the sms it can turn out to be a nightmarish experience. The inability to make the person understand through a sms can be really painful. After a sms is sent you have no clue how it will get interpreted. You may have sent it with best of intentions, yet if the person at the other end is not able to catch the essence of the message properly, you could be lining up for a bitter fight.

So friends, be judicious in how you use the various communication options you have when it comes to personal relationships. Preferably meet up with friends in person as much as possible rather than having a remote communication.


Harish World said...

Hey dude
I accept this very much and agree ur concept buddy. Things found to be used for emergency over ruled its necessity and ruins our relationship..

Vijit said...

Thanks Harish!