Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Singh is King

It was a very important day for India today. The vote of confidence was pursued by the honourable Prime Minister of India Mr. ManMohan Singh in the Parliament. He won the vote of confidence with a comfortable margin. The uncertainty prevailing over the political situation in the country due to the irresponsible Left parties no longer exists. Now India could go ahead and pursue the nuclear deal.

The only regret here is the ugly situation that existed in the run up to the vote of confidence. Allegations and counter allegations of horse trading just showed how desperate the situation was for both the ruling coalition and the opposition. Yes, money would have flowed like water; incentives would have been given to lure people. However, this happens every time there is a similar situation in the parliament. I am not for or against any political party. I believe they are all in the same boat. The fact is that the nuclear deal is a necessity for the country and ManMohan Singh has taken the responsibility to ensure that the government moves forward with the formalities associated with the deal.

The Left parties who had this superiority feeling due to the control that they exerted over the government are powerless now. The nuclear deal kept them in the news for few days giving them the importance that they did not deserve. They have limited vision and no wonder their existence is limited to just few states in India. I hope they will learn something positive from this outcome and try to better understand the needs of the country. They truly need to reinvent themselves or else they will become obsolete.

The BJP too did not behave like a responsible opposition. I always used to believe that this political party was true to its claim of being a party with a difference. I am pretty sure that if the BJP would have been the ruling party, it would have pursued the nuclear deal. Right now they are opposing simply because they are in the opposition. I would have admired them if they would have played the role of a constructive opposition.

Difficulties bring out the best in you. This holds true for our Prime Minister, Mr. ManMohan Singh. He was always targeted for being soft. This time around he rose like a Phoenix from the ashes. The current political situation helped him to emerge as a strong character. He did not bog down to the pressure of the left parties.

This Singh truly is King.


mina said...

i dint knw that u r into everything.

u r in a wrong profession, u shld b a reporter.

Vijit said...

Thanks Mittal.

Sending my resume and the link to this blog to NDTV. Let me see whether they will hire me or not.............he he he