Monday, June 30, 2008

Left is not right

I strongly condemn the stand taken by the left parties on the Indo-US nuclear deal. India is going through a tough economic situation due to rising inflation. This is not the time to create political unstability. However, that is what the Left parties are doing by threatening to withdraw support if the Indian government continues to pursue with the nuclear deal. Historically they have been known for being a pain to the ruling party that they support and they continue the tradition.

The Indo-US nuclear deal is seen just as a deal between India and US by the narrow-minded left parties when it actually would pave way to get rid of all the technological sanctions imposed on us by various other nuclear powers. I don't mind them opposing the US when it attacked Iraq or when they plan to take unilateral stance against Iran. But just because the foreign policies of US are not acceptable to us does not mean that we oppose everything that US does. Indian government was never supportive of US military action on Iraq. It is also not supportive of any US plan to take action against Iran. This means India has always taken an independent stance on foreign policies. It never got influenced by an outside force. I do not understand why the Left parties feel that the Indo-US nuclear deal would change the way India handles its foreign policies.

This time around Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is taking a strong stance by not getting intimidated by the Left. He could have acted tough long back. However, better late than never.
He is going ahead with the formalities of the nuclear deal with or without the support of Left parties. This is the sign of a true leader. I think even if this government falls, Manmohan Singh will still come out as a winner for being rock solid. Please do not confuse his tough stance as being autocratic or a decision taken in haste. I feel he has done everything in his capacity to ensure awareness and support for the deal. But then you cannot make someone understand if he/she is not willing to understand. This is the case with the Left parties.

I am sure the Left parties will be taught a lesson by the people of this country.

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