Saturday, June 14, 2008

First day on my Unicorn

Today was my date with this beauty. I approached her with some apprehension. I didn't know how she will react to me. However, she was as cool as a cucumber. Hey guys, please don't worry, I am not talking about my girl friend. :-)

It was an awesome experience riding my new Honda Unicorn. It was after a long time that I was riding a bike. So I was not sure how I will fare. But from the moment I sat on it, I felt as if we were made for each other. This bike is really cool. In each gear the transition is real smooth. The mono suspension takes care of all the potholes and speed breakers.

I am waiting for the sun to rise tomorrow so that I could take my Unicorn for a long ride. Hope the rain Gods don't play spoil sport.



Unknown said...

Hey Vijit,

Congratulations for ur new Unicorn!!
Atlast ur patience has been rewarded...
All the best to u nd ur new partner:)

Vijit said...

Thanks Renila!

I always look forward to your comments. hey I do not mind if you have a difference of opinion on any of my posts. Please go ahead and post anything negative you feel about my posts. I would be glad to review them and discuss it out.