Sunday, June 22, 2008

Absolute Power

What comes to your mind when you perceive a person with absolute power? Do you imagine a picture of a physically strong man or a man holding a gun? Or, do you envision a person having a position of authority due to a designation that he is holding in society?

In my view, neither of them possesses absolute power. A physically strong man will become weak with time. A man will not hold a gun till eternity. A person having a position of authority due to his designation in society will part with his designation someday. All of them will become powerless at some point of time. In other words, their power is not absolute.

Absolute power comes with knowledge. The more knowledgeable a person you are, that much more powerful you will be. Knowledge acquired stays with you throughout. The respect that you attain in life due to the knowledge you possess is unparallel. Muscle power, gun power and power acquired due to an authoritative position are like castles built from snow. They will all melt down with the first ray of the sun. However, a knowledgeable person himself shines and exudes power like the sun.

Almost every human being at some point of time aims to be a powerful person. Some try and fail in their efforts and retreat. Some take the wrong path and perish. Only a select few are successful in their attempts to attain absolute power. People who possess absolute power become immortal. They continue to inspire and lead people to light.

You may think why I am not talking about people who use the knowledge acquired for negative purposes. Do they also attain absolute power? When I say a person is knowledgeable, that means the person has awareness. A person, who is aware, will have the understanding to use it in a right way else he will perish too. So, to be very specific, absolute power is attained by someone who not only acquires knowledge but also knows to use it in a right manner.

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