Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The priceless 100 dollars

Today, it was a special day for me. 26th of August, 2008 is a date to remember. I realized that there are things in life whose value cannot be determined in terms of money. Colleagues from client’s end for whom I have been working for almost 2 years now sent me a good-bye card along with a 100 dollars note. Yes, I am quitting the organization that I have been working for. It was a great experience working for my client with whom I could develop a good rapport.

I know it may seem silly of me to part with such great people. Logically it may seem foolish of me to do so. The fact is that I am not taking a logical decision but just following my heart [refer to my previous post……. :-)]. I am aiming to do something in my life which I would be able to do through the new firm that I am joining.

It definitely was an out of the world experience for me when I opened the goodbye card. Inside the card was a 100 dollars note and words scribbled by 4 of my friends. Words more precious than gold. It was a great moment for me which I am not able to describe through words that I know. I wish I had a very good vocabulary. This day I regret that I didn’t develop a good reading habit. It would definitely have helped to come up with big words to describe this great moment in my life.

This recognition comes solely for the work I have done. There is nothing more worthy than genuine and heart felt recognition for the work you have done. Especially when the people appreciating your work have not met you in person. This 100 dollars note symbolizes all that and more. So, it definitely has something more to it than the value it has in terms of currency.

I wish someday I would be able to meet them in person and express my gratitude towards them for all the help they had extended out to me. It was a great learning experience and the knowledge gained during the process will definitely be useful for my future.

PS: I have not used names of firms or individuals solely because I think it is not appropriate to do so without permission.


Unknown said...

wow:) what can I say.. i am so proud of u... this is a big acheivement and u deserve it more than anyone else... i totally mean that. Keep up the amazing work u doin !!!!

Vijit said...

Hey Pooja, it was really nice of you to say that.

Thank you!!!