Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uni's first day at office

Yes Uni. That is the nickname of my baby, my darling Unicorn. Today was her big day, her first day to office. She was very excited about it. She showed her excitement by roaring out loud showing her eagerness to break free. I was excited too about going to office along with her. Finally I had company. Till yesterday it was a lonely and boring journey to office. Getting an auto-rickshaw, literally begging in front of the drivers asking them to take you some place hurts. I went through this ordeal for almost a month. On top of that, getting stuck in Mumbai traffic is a nightmarish experience too. Not any more; my baby showed how elegant a dancer she is. She literally danced her way through the traffic. All big vehicles could only manage to take a pause and look with awe.

Before taking her to office, I took her to a shop, got her a new grip (handle grip) and changed the rusted number plates. After all first impression matters. She was happy with the cosmetic changes and I could figure it out in her smile. She was already neat and clean after the beauty treatment that she went through on Sunday at the maintenance workshop. I could see the difference. People just could not take their eyes of her. She didn’t show that she cared but I could sense her pride. She moved holding her chin up.

The best part of going to office with Uni is that she helps reduce my travel time by half. Also, she does not make me depend on other people. Going towards office in the evening was a crowded affair. We did not have any privacy. However, coming back from office was exactly the opposite. It was only me and her all the way and the peaceful environment of the morning. The cool breeze hitting us when we were moving added to the romance. I could ride her in top gear. It was one of the very rare occasions in city life. She too enjoyed the experience. Finally she could break free from all the restrictions. No one to block her way; she was a free bird.

I never was so enthusiastic about going to office. I guess no one in Mumbai who uses the local trains or the Mumbai roads to reach office could be. But my Uni turned things around for me. She truly is a darling!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is my aim?

I know my name
But do not know what in life I aim?
Is it fame?
What role do I play in life’s game?

Shall I make money and stack it in a heap?
I do not know which mountain to leap
My mind is so unclear
Hope a solution is near

Am I here to lead?
Or just part of the creed
So many worries to heed
Divine help is what I need

Fear of failure does crop
Someday success will take me to the top
The sea of uncertainty I will tide
I am not the one to hide

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Born To Win

When you do not know where you are heading
Simply keep treading

The path may not be clear
but your destination might be near

Do not fear
because God is here

The journey might be tough, but keep walking
Close your eyes open your ears when HE is talking

Follow HIS advice
because HE is so very wise

All your worries you got to share
HE is someone who HAS time to care

Do not criticize HIM for his silence
instead thank HIM for his presence

The world may think you are not right
With all your might, stand up and fight

To think you are a loser is a sin
When actually you are born to win

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friendship can be strange

Friendship can be strange. This is one relationship that does not depend on caste, creed, class, or religion. It does not depend on whether you are black or white. It also does not depend on whether you are ugly or good looking. It is not something imposed upon you. To some extent it is a matter of choice. Yet, at times you do not realize when a complete stranger becomes a best friend or may be a good friend or simply a friend.

Situations and circumstances bring you closer. You interact, share ideas, express your opinion and suddenly you realize that there is something that clicks between you. You may not be able to point out the exact date or time when you became friends. You may not realize why exactly you became friends. It is not a conscious decision or an agreement that you sign. There is no blood relation that binds you together, yet there is something that holds you together. There is no rope that ties you together yet there is an invisible knot that keeps you hitched.

There have been various instances in my life when I became friends with complete strangers. Through the internet world I made friendship with unknown people. I have never met them in person but we are good enough friends. We know what is happening in each others life. We help each other out and we do not know why we do it.

Yes, there may be people who make friendship with selfish intent. Such friendships anyways do not have life. I think it is inappropriate to use the term friendship to describe such relationships. They are simply associations. You associate with someone to serve a purpose. When the purpose is served the association ends.

Work place too helps you find friends who matter. In fact a work place is one place where friendship gets tested. When you are working you have to depend on different individuals to get your work done in a timely and efficient manner. The way individuals deal with you, helps you to classify them as friends or simply colleagues.

Next time you meet a stranger, take a pause. He/she could be a friendship waiting to happen. Hey, that does not mean you see a friend in every stranger you meet.