Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day21 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 21 of the 21 day lock down in India. Today was Vishu as well, the harvest festival of Kerala. It is celebrated under different names in other states too. I woke up early today. In fact very early for Vishu Kani. I think anybody alive today, celebrating Vishu would not have celebrated it locked up in their homes ever in their entire life. Yet, there is something about this day that brings lot of optimism and a feeling in the mind that things would change for the better.

Today PM Modi addressed the nation again to announce about extension of lock down until 3rd May. However, he also hinted about some relief after 20th April on a case by case basis for areas where there are no hot spots due to coronavirus risk.

On work front today there was some apprehension about a meeting. However, it went pretty well. Much better than expected.

Lunch was good today. Despite the lock down something special for Vishu. It felt good. Post lunch I continued working.

In the evening I did Shambhavi. Thanks to the lock down I am able to stick to it. Today is the last day of the post related to the 21 day Lock down. Yes, lock down has been extended but it is now getting very monotonous to write about almost the same kind of experience every day.

I hope that some solution is found soon and the lock down could be lifted sooner. For people like me, it is not a big deal. Work from home is an option. However, for many daily wage laborers, auto rickshaw and taxi drivers, these are tough days. Also, people having other jobs run the risk of losing the job. Even if they manage to save the job, they may not get paid for the lock down period. 

I wish to end my blog post with the hope that the lock down will end soon. I am sure that the whole episode has made us humans feel humbled. The arrogance of the human race has been destroyed by a nano virus. The lessons learnt will stay with us for long.

Good Night!


Day20 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 20 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up early today as it was a Monday and a working day for me. For my wife though it was a holiday on account of Easter Sunday. I did venture out again today to buy vegetables and was lucky enough to get it. My brother had also offered to buy it for me if he gets it at his place which he did. I went and collected it from his residence.

I accomplished a lot on the work front. Multiple different tasks were completed today. I also got nominated by an office colleague to write a post on Linkedin about the work from home experience. I wrote this post. It got lot of attention and few likes as well. I continued working on some pending office work and then took a break for doing my Shambhavi practice.

Post Shambhavi, I relaxed a bit and then had my dinner. After dinner I watched some news related to Corona. I came to know that the PM Narendra Modi will be addressing the country again tomorrow at 10 am. It is most likely about extending the lock down. As per original announcement of his, it was supposed to end tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is Vishu as well. A festival celebrated by natives of Kerala like me. It is an auspicious day similar to Baisakhi (celebrated by Punjabis) signifying prosperity, abundance and well being. This would be that rare Vishu when we would not be able to celebrate the festival in a grand manner. However, I do hope that tomorrow becomes the turning point in our efforts to fight against the coronavirus outbreak and we start moving towards better and prosperous days.

Good Night!


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Day19 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 19 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up late as it was a holiday being a Sunday. I did venture out again today to buy vegetables. However, no shops were open today. It seems the shops will remain shut until 14th of April. I managed to get some fruits though and medicine for my wife. 

I reached home got fresh and had breakfast. Post that I spent some time lazing around. Post lunch, we played two rounds of housie online with friends. I then did some pending office work and took a break for doing my Shambhavi practice. Then I happened to stumble upon a Malayalam movie on TV which was almost ending but still was an interesting movie. It was shot in my native place as well. I watched the movie while having dinner. 

I then continued with the pending work and finished it off. I look forward to less stressful week on the work front this week.

Good Night!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day18 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 18 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up late as it was a holiday being a Saturday. I did venture out today to buy vegetables. However, by the time my turn to make payment came at the counter, the cops came and got the shops to shut down. It seems the shops will remain shut until 14th of April. I then came back home, took bath and played cards with my daughter. It was announced by Chief Minister of Maharashtra that the lock down has been extended till 30th April. It was expected. However, I would not being continuing this blog series accordingly. I will stop my updates as per the original 21 day lock down period only. The reason being that it is the same routine that is being repeated because we are staying at home.

Post lunch, we played two rounds of housie online with friends. After housie played couple of games of Ludo with wife and daughter. Then I did my Shambhavi practice. After that had dinner and post dinner, we played Ludo online using Ludo King app. 

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. However, it will be like a working day for me as I have to finish of pending tasks and be ready by Monday.

I hope the coming week is less stressful on the work front. I did get some subtle intuitive messages today regarding some questions I had in my mind about my career. I hope it turns out to be true.

Good Night!


Friday, April 10, 2020

Day17 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 17 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up late as it was a holiday on account of Good Friday. In such times, an extended weekend is like oasis in a desert. After a stressful day yesterday it was a welcome relief. Today had a debate on Facebook with a friend. It was a long debate.

I played ludo with my wife and daughter. I also played cards with my daughter. In the afternoon recorded a video with family. Some fun activity during the lock down.

Around 4 pm, played online housie with friends. First round did not win anything. However, in second round did win enough to recover the ticket cost. I then went out to buy milk and fruits. After coming back took a bath and then did my Shambhavi practice. It was relaxing. Post dinner played online ludo on Ludo King. A cousin in Kerala, sister in law from Borivali and me and my wife participated from our home. Technology has made it easy to connect and such online games makes it fun.

The number of casualties are increasing. It has crossed 200 and the number of positive cases have crossed 6000. It is worrying and looks like the lock down will get extended.


Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day16 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 16 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up on time. On work front day was hectic. Work from home actually makes the working days longer. There is no doubt about it. Three days of holidays are something to look forward to. I really am missing office now. The office commute even though at times was taking a toll on you, it was still making you to move from one place to another. Here at home you are stuck and cannot move much. In the morning when I was checking my ward robe, I found 5 brand new formal shirts I bought just a day or two before lock down. I started to wonder when I will be  wearing them to office. 

I wish I could take a sabbatical. Especially when you are putting in more work than normal and there is no where to go and rewind yourself. The one thing that is keeping me going is the Shambhavi practice I am doing daily. It does allow me to recenter and recharge my batteries.

I spent some time playing cards and ludo with my wife and daughter. That too helped to beat the stress. I think that the lock down maybe helping save lives but it is definitely getting people bored to the bone. I know people who have no work may be using it for some creative pursuit. However, I am definitely utilizing it more for work related tasks and less for any creative pursuit or skill development. I hope that the lock down does get lifted after the 21 days. However, when I look at the rise in covid 19 cases, I know that we are looking at more days of being locked up in our homes.

I hope that the next 3 days helps me find some ideas that will help address the challenges. I am definitely going to think of some creative solution to my problem.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day15 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 15 of the 21 day lock down in India. There were back to back calls today that kept me busy for the most part. My wife had to step out to get milk, vegetables and fruits today. On the work front there was a surprise that came my way and that too not so pleasant one. Hopefully tomorrow things would get sorted out. 

My daughter prepared for a Malayalam recital today as part of her Malayalam class. She did a good job for someone who has just recently started to speak little bit of Malayalam.

I did my Shambhavi practice in the evening.  It does uplift the mood and also fills you with energy. A much needed exercise due to the way the day went.

After relaxing a bit had dinner. So far no announcement has been made regarding lock down extension. However, things are not looking ominous. Number of cases and the fatalities are increasing with each passing day. 


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Day14 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 14 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up early and started working on tasks on my plate. I had an important call today on work front. I continued working on the tasks post that.

I could not devote time for studies related to BBM course today. I got to definitely start from tomorrow for me to be able to attempt exam on this Friday.

Today also Shaarika participated in online housie and won too. It helps to keep her engaged and have fun.

I did my Shambhavi practice and also Surya Kriya in the evening.  It helped me to relax and not get stressed out.

After relaxing a bit had dinner. There will be 7 more days if the lock down gets lifted after 21 days. The news coming in does not seem conducive to be able to lift the lock down. The positive cases are increasing and so is the number of death. Moreover, the Tablighi jamaat members are making it difficult for the government to be able to control. Earlier if it was their ignorance, now it is their arrogance that is causing the problem. I hope better sense prevails and they cooperate with the government by voluntarily coming forward and getting quarantined.

I will back tomorrow with updates from Day 15 of the 21 day Lock down.


Monday, April 6, 2020

Day13 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 13 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up early as I had to collect with a colleague from Australia. On the work front it was less hectic but I was still occupied for the most part. I had couple of calls as well.

I need to start utilizing my evening time post work hours for preparing for the pending exams of BBM course. I will have to plan my work hours accordingly for that.

In the afternoon post lunch Shaarika participated in 2 rounds of housie and won in both the rounds. She seems to be winning in almost every game. She also delivered sandwiches for me and my wife in the evening. 

I did my Shambhavi practice and also Surya Kriya in the evening.  It does uplift the mood and also fills you with energy.

After relaxing a bit had dinner. Just 8 more days to go to complete the lock down. There are some possibilities of the lock down being extended. I hope the need for that does not arise.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Day12 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 12 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up late as it was a Sunday. However, I did go out immediately after waking up to buy milk, curd and Paneer. I also bought some fruits and eggs. Immediately after coming back I took bath. Then had my breakfast. I was actively following social media and found some of them were opposing Modi's call for light diya, candle or flash mobile flash lights from 9 pm for 9 minutes. I failed to understand why people were making so much noise about it. It is a voluntary exercise. I ended up questioning one of them in a Whatsapp group and received some sarcasm back for some logical questions asked about one of the videos posted against the exercise. That was it, I mean no logical answers were provided. I ignored the sarcasm because I knew that at 9 pm, such illogical people were going to get a response from the nation.

In the afternoon post lunch played housie online with friends. It was fun. We played two rounds. In the evening my wife, daughter and in laws made preparations for lighting of diya and candles. I also did my Shambhavi practice. Even before it was 9 pm, lights were switched off. Slowly diya's were lighted and so were few candles. All the flats in the neighboring building also displayed diya or candle or atleast flashed the mobile flash lights. It was a beautiful experience. It was an exercise that increased positivity. That feeling of positivity is much needed when people are getting frustrated sitting at home. The whole purpose of the exercise was to uplift the mood of the people and I am sure that every one who participated must have experienced it. Some actions do not have a tangible outcome. We cannot measure the feelings. People who participated especially kids who were involved enjoyed it. My daughter was so excited. For a parent who cannot take her kid out, it mattered. She felt positive and enjoyed the experience. What else would you need when a small act can change the mood of your little one. The feeling of oneness, the thought that we all are together in these difficult times also must have resonated in people's mind.

I am winding up my day feeling happy that I participated wholeheartedly and supported PM Narendra Modi's call to light diyas. Others who didn't want to do it and did not do it, I fully respect your decision. However, I would have admired your position if you would have chose to not discourage or ridicule people who chose to participate. Ultimately, it is every individuals decision.

Good night!

I will come back again tomorrow with updates from Day 13 of the lock down.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day11 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 11 of the 21 day lock down in India. After a week, I stepped out along with my wife for vegetables and fruit shopping. We took out our car but were asked to return from the main gate. The recent detection of positive case in a nearby building in Lodha Paradise complex seems to be the reason behind a strict no venturing out policy being implemented. Though it meant, we had to walk all the way, we didn't argue with the security and just returned back to park our car. Then we again went out by walk. We bought some vegetables, fruits and medicines that were needed and headed back home. When we were on our way back we noticed TMC health officials near the entrance of our building. We were not sure why they were waiting there so asked our security whether he was aware of anything. Since he had no information, he went out and checked with them. Later I called the security from our flat and came to know the purpose of the visit was to do a survey and that they will be visiting each flat. 

After getting fresh, just before having our lunch, we visited our neighbor who was just back from hospital after a surgery. She is in her eighties. While we were interacting with them, the health officials from TMC, whom we had noticed downstairs, reached our flat. They had some survey questions to figure out how many members were there in our family, their age, any health issues being faced by anyone, any travel history and two contact numbers for following up for the next 14 days. Upon inquiring whether it had got anything to do with positive cases of coronavirus cases in the nearby building, they answered in the affirmative.

We had lunch and post lunch we got ready to play a game of housie online over Google duo. My daughter won full housie in two games and my wife in one of the games. I didn't win anything but it was still fun in such times when we cannot venture out.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Day10 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 10 of the 21 day lock down in India. Prime Minister Modi came up with a video message requesting all Indians to show solidarity in these difficult times by lighting a candle or diya at 9 pm for 9 minutes on 5th April, Sunday.

Critics started criticizing him from that point onward.  I simply fail to understand the logic behind the criticism. He is not calling or instructing people to do any violent act. The intent seems to be as simple as instilling a sense of unity during such difficult and challenging times in our fight against a deadly virus. I posted this status on Whatsapp in my mobile to express my view on the PM's request:

Today had back to back calls on the work front which kept me busy for most part. In fact, because of all the adhoc calls, some pending tasks will get moved to tomorrow. Despite all this, I did ensure that I complete my Shambhavi practice. This is what makes me feel relaxed after a hectic day of work.
Two Covid19 positive cases that got reported in my locality as per a whatsapp communication received yesterday, was a confirmed news. Today morning, Thane Municipal Corporation workers visited and sanitized the building. In the evening I came to know that the entire building has been quarantined as a precautionary measure. No one will be allowed to move out for 14 days.

Tomorrow need to venture out for groceries and vegetables. Hopefully will be able to get it.
Hoping to hear some positive news over the weekend around the situation in the country. Good night!


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day9 - 21 day lock down in India

Today was day 9 of the 21 day lock down in India. Though there were multiple tasks to complete on the work front, it still was not as hectic as yesterday. I did my Shambhavi practice as well. I also did some light exercises today.
Two Covid19 positive cases have been reported in my locality. It seems tomorrow the local municipal organization is going to sanitize the specific building and the premises.

There are multiple reports of doctors and policemen being attacked by ignorant mobs in the country. I really fail to comprehend why these people cannot understand that lock down and isolation are steps being carried out for their own safety. I strongly feel that Uniform Civil Code should be implemented soon. Religion should not be above humanity. In the name of religion, no one should be allowed to put others life at risk. 

Today was Ram Navami. An auspicious day but temples are all shut due to the lock down. There are also news coming in about the lock down being extended further. May be more details about this would be known in the coming days. The condition in US and few European countries is also very bad as the affected people count is in lakhs there and the number of deaths are also very high.

Time to wind up my day with the hope for a better tomorrow and good positive news about the situation improving in India and everywhere in the world. Good night!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Day8 - 21 day lock down in India

Today was day 8 of the 21 day lock down in India. It seems I am getting used to Work from home now. It is not as frustrating as the initial few days. I am also doing my Shambhavi practice daily. Earlier, I would skip it. Though not being able to step out and staying indoors still is a concern. 

The worrying part is that number of cases are increasing and so is the death toll. The reason for it is stupidity of few. I have decided to not provide numbers anymore as it is immaterial. Even in the year 2020, people are neither using their brains nor listening to the ones who can use it. We may be able to come up with a vaccine for the virus but stupidity seems to be eternal. Internet is able to spread stupidity as well and not just information.
I have never fully read the Bhagwad Gita but from whatever little I have understood from it, the one word summary for it will be "Intent".  This one word is what matters in whatever action you take in life. The action itself is not good or bad but the intent behind it. So when people are aware that by venturing out, they are putting not just their own life but the life of hundreds of others at risk, it is a case of wrong intent. 

Hoping and praying that better sense will prevail in the country and we will act wisely to combat the threat caused by the covid19 virus. 

Good night!